How To Plan The Best Engagment Party


Whether you’re planning an engagement party for yourself or your loved one, you’ll probably want things done right. There are plenty of pre-weddings parties, but none is more important than the engagement party. The engagment party is a way of announcing to your friends and family members that you’ll be tying the knot soon. You want to make sure it is perfect in every aspect. So here are some tips and ideas on how you can plan the perfect engagement party:

Picking The Host

The first step is to decide who will be hosting the event. The couple can host the party themselves or other times it can be parents of the bride. However, there is no hard and fast rule as even your BFF or the groom’s family can host one. You may even have multiple engagement parties hosted by different people. Just make sure to hire a wedding photographer & videographer for each one!


Pick a Date

There is no exactly set time to have an engagement party; it mostly depends on the length of the engagement. You may host it right after someone gets down on one knee or a few weeks before the actual wedding. The only thing to make sure is that it should be the first pre-wedding event. It is advised to take some time after the engagement to actually throw a party just so you are completely sure about your decision. If you are throwing a party for someone, then make sure the bride and groom are available on the decided date. Also, consider the availability of their close friends and family members. make sure to confirm the date with your favorite wedding photographer and videographer as well.


Find A Place

A home or a restaurant are some obvious choices for an engagement party. However, there should be no limits and you can go all out with it. The place you pick should speak to the formality of the party; that’s the only thing to consider. If you are going for a formal theme, a hotel rooftop may suffice. Or, if you wish to keep things a bit casual and light, going for a home-cooked dinner party may be the best idea.


Guest List

The next step is to put together a guest list. The hosts should not invite anyone who won’t be invited to the wedding. Engagement parties are smaller as compared to weddings, so just include close friends and family members of the bride and groom.


Should Invitations Be Sent Out?

Yes, formal invitations need to be sent out by the host to all the guests. You can go for some simple and cute invites, no need to go all out here. Send them out with plenty of lead time so the guests can clear their schedule beforehand.



Set a Soundtrack

You can either hire a DJ or a band or simply set up speakers throughout the venue and play your own music. A mix of romantic and upbeat songs will be the best pick. If you know of any songs that are meaningful to the couple, add them too.


Plan a Menu

If you are including booze, then have some food options available as well. The menu will depend on the theme and setting of the engagement party, so work accordingly. Buffets are usually the best choice for this kind of affair.