Things You MUST Do Right After Your Wedding

When the celebrations are over, when all guests have returned to their homes and you are planning your honey moon sitting on the porch pretty much means that you have pretty much returned to the monotonous life of a married couple. 

If you don’t want to get wheeled into the routine life, here are 4 things that you must do right after your wedding! 

  1. Get A Wedding Album 

It is imperative that you get yourself a wedding album. Most often than not millennial couples disregard tangible evidence of their love affairs, but this one is legitimate and should be documented by all means. We advise you to set a date with your spouse and select the few amazing shot that your wedding photographer took on the wedding.

Make it a date; on your way back go for a romantic dinner! 

Things You MUST do right after your wedding

  1. Post Reviews 

Take some time off from your busy schedule to rate and review all those event managers who worked hard day and night to make your wedding day a success story that they could show off in their portfolio. 

Don’t do it for them only, do it for yourself because gratitude expressed increases overall happiness and well-being. Furthermore, consider it a favor for all those bride and grooms to be. 

Things You MUST do right after your wedding

  1. Thank The Guests

Don’t take all those people for granted who took time out of their day and attended your wedding. Sending thank you notes to attendees will help you stay in touch with them. Also, it will show them that you haven’t forgotten about them. You can also take this opportunity to thank them for the gifts they sent. 

Things You MUST do right after your wedding

  1. Take Down Your Wedding Website

Things to do after your wedding is to also include the task of taking down your wedding website and registry to prevent others from looking at it. Considering the costs of your big wedding day, you surely don’t want to pay extra charges for the website after the wedding, so take it down ASAP!

Things You MUST do right after your weddingThings You MUST do right after your wedding 


Other tasks include keeping the hand-made wedding décor safely in to storage boxes. If there are any gifts that you don’t like or want to replace should also make it to your to do list. Furthermore, your wedding dress should either go to the dry cleaners or to the online auction so another bride can enjoy her big day like you did!

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