Sweetheart Tables Ideas Worth Falling For

As soon as you’re done with the vows, all the guests in the wedding would want to give you a hug and congratulate you. Even though it’s your big day, all that attention can be a little overwhelming, which is where the sweetheart table comes into play. This little corner allows you to step away from the madness for a few minutes and just spend some time with your newly wedded husband or wife. For that exact moment, we have some ideas and inspiration for sweetheart tables that are totally worth falling for: 


We adore this cozy little indoor setup! A blush colored loveseat with an arch around it is just the cutest backdrop. This sweetheart table has a very boho feel to it and we can totally imagine just how comfortable it would be. The bride can even lean back and take off those wedding shoes, even just for a moment. 


While the previous sweetheart table idea was quite extravagant and unique, this one is more simple but super romantic. A cute little table set up in the corner with some fresh roses, petals, candles and a cheeseboard. Does it get better than this?


Here is another boho inspired idea, more suitable for an outdoor location. A dark wood table with a wedding macramé as the center piece. The rug underneath gives it a touch of cozy while the flowers and leaves keep up with the boho theme. 


While this cute idea may not involve an actual table, but it certainly is a cozy corner for the couple to resort to when they want away from the madness. Plus, it’s a great spot for some intimate and aesthetic wedding pictures.


If there is a pool at the venue, make good use of it! Set up the sweetheart table facing it and drape the chairs with ‘Love Him’ and ‘Love Her’ Jackets which the couple can sport if it gets chilly.