Do I Need a Wedding Planner?

Although it’s fun to do your own wedding planning and and do everything yourself, it can be quite overwhelming and isn’t even practical sometimes. We know it can be tough deciding whether you need a wedding planner or not, so we are going to be listing some things down below that are taken in consideration regarding this matter. Read till the end to see our favourite wedding planner checklist tool!

You Work a Full-Time Job


If you and your fiancé both have full-time jobs, then you can’t possibly plan the wedding yourself. Wedding planning is a job in itself, so handling that with your regular day job is nearly impossible. However, if you can take some time off work to focus on the wedding, then you can probably pull off things yourself.

Do you Have Budget Concerns? 


One of the biggest benefits of hiring a wedding planner in Toronto is that they can do everything within your budget. Since the wedding planners know all of the vendors, they can easily find the right people to do the job without going over the budget. You can even take advantage of their inside connections. However, if budget isn’t a worry for you then skip the wedding planner. 

Are Friends or Family Willing to Help? #Wedding Planner


Planning a wedding is not a one person’s job, so you’ll definitely be needing some help from your friends and family members. If you can count on them to help, then great. If you can’t, it means a wedding planner is required. 

Are you Punctual and Organized? 

Wedding Planner

To plan the perfect wedding, you need to be super punctual and organized. You need to be super detail oriented and able to stay on top of things. There are so many things to look after; from the seating chart to sending out invites. 

Do You Enjoy Party Planning? 

Wedding Planner

If you are a control freak and love planning for parties and events, you’ll surely enjoy all the steps of planning your own wedding. However, if you simply dread entertaining or are horrible at putting things together, you can’t possibly pull off your wedding. 

Are You Having a Destination Wedding?