Wedding videography services in Toronto

Finding wedding photographers and videographers that match your definition of aesthetics and personality is difficult. Also, there are too many options to choose from. So, to make it easier for you, we have made a list of the basic and important questions to ask before hiring wedding videography services in the city of Toronto.


This is the first thing to ask your videographer. The best wedding videography services in Toronto get booked up on popular days at least 12 months in advance. So always check this first.

How Long Have They Been Filming, and How Many Weddings Do They Cover in A Year?

Your wedding video is something you would want to watch back, time and again, for many more years to come. Hence, it will take someone experienced to capture all your once-in-a-lifetime moments exactly how you want them. It would help if you avoided videographers who film as a hobby. Go for the ones with plenty of wedding filming experience. The more weddings they do, the more samples they will have to show you.

How Do They Describe Their Style of Videography?

Find whether their style is a traditional, cinematic, documentary, or a mix of all these. Decide what style you would like and ensure that you share your vision with the videographer. You can always ask if you want something different than their general style. However, note that they may not have an example in their showreel but can do additional cuts.

Can They Show You A Full-Length Sample of One of Their Videos?

Most videographers will have multiple short example videos on their websites. But only the best bits of the longer video are used in these samples. Hence, it would help if you ensured that the rest of the video had the same standards as the one in the sample video, so make sure you request a full-length example of their videos.

Have They Worked With Your Photographer Before?

Since both the videographer and photographer will try to capture the same moments, they will need to work together to avoid getting each other’s way. Even if they haven’t worked together before, ensure that they get in touch to coordinate beforehand.

Have They Shot at Your Venue Before?

The videographer should know the layout of your venue and check if they can plug into their PA systems and the placement of other equipment. In case they haven’t been there before, ensure that they visit beforehand and also speak to the venue’s coordinator.

How Do They Operate on the Day?

Find out how they plan to use your time during the wedding day. Keep in mind that you would want to remember your wedding on the wedding day and not pose for the video. If you are not careful, you may find yourself stuck for hours with the videographer being ordered to pose and moving to different locations.


It would help to get a full breakdown of the package, including the final product. You may also ask if there is a guaranteed length, whether you will use a USB, whether it will be in HD, etc. You may get everything you want in writing before signing any contract.

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