Eglinton West Gallery – Urban Wedding Fantasy

City life can be hectic but also colorful, vibrant, and exciting. Similarly, City weddings can be an amazing avenue to experience these qualities. Eglinton West Gallery is the epitome of class mixed with actual city-life designs. It is perfect for couples wanting to have an urban wedding in the middle of the city. These types of weddings are always full of life and guarantee everyone a good time.

The Eglinton West Gallery is located in midtown, North York in Toronto and is in the heart of the city. It is a unique event space because it makes use of its urban-style loft area for hosting extravagant ceremonies and wedding receptions. The area of this loft is wide enough to host up to 600 guests at a time. They have banquet halls for dinners and ballrooms in their loft space for exquisite dances and ceremonies. It is the perfect indoor event space that caters to every client’s needs. Moreover, the catering team is fantastic as they were able to serve up modern classic dishes that thoroughly satisfied their customers.

The overall character of this location is moody due to the ambient light fixtures present on the ceiling. The décor team did an exceptional job of creating an overall romantic atmosphere with the help of candle stands on every table and the soft-toned colors seen in the floral arrangements placed all over the event space. Origin Weddings captured the true essence of Jessie and Sean’s wedding ceremony and reception. The families moved towards the dining hall after the wedding ceremony took place and then made their way to the ballroom where everyone had a chance to dance their hearts out!

Modern meets Classic décor

The theme followed throughout this event was Contemporary urban-style décor with a touch of traditional set-ups of the dining tables and white floral arrangements. The event’s team did a phenomenal job of incorporating these elements into the wedding reception and ceremony. The sound system was also perfect as it was essential to get every guest to go towards the dance floor. The intermingling of modern interior and classic décor has been a trend for weddings of this nature in the past couple of years and it does not seem to be going anytime soon. It is quite the experience for everyone at the wedding.

First Dances in a Ballroom

The Ballroom at Eglinton West Gallery comes fully equipped with the necessary features for creating a memorable night. It is wide enough to room as many guests for the first dances.

This part of the night started off with a sudden shift in the energy of the room with the slow and ambient sounds of soft and classical music. The bride had her first dance with her father and the groom participated in it with his mother. Then everyone made ample space for the bride and groom to have their very first dance together. It was a moment that was cherished by everyone and the camera caught it beautifully.

Soon the music took a turn to something upbeat and subsequently triggered the guests to join the newly married couple on the dance floor. With the ongoing festivities, the Asian dragon made an entrance and this surprised the guests. The smiles on everyone’s faces were priceless at this moment.

The group dances went on for most of the night and this made for a magical end to an ecstatic wedding experience. 

What to expect at Eglinton West Gallery

The clients requested an intimate yet exciting wedding experience at Eglinton West Gallery. Their wish was duly granted with wonderful settings of dining tables and classy ballrooms. The loft space at the gallery is big enough to host a large party of people and decadent enough for elaborate events.

The theme followed throughout most of the venue’s weddings is contemporary mixed with classical designs. These create an unforgettable wedding day experience for the bride and groom. It is a day of celebration, love, and laughter for family and friends. This venue was perfect as it adhered to all the requirements placed by the clients.

Every single guest at the wedding had a smile on their face. It was a night to remember for everyone. And the dances and traditional parades at the end of the event was the winning moment.

From the elaborate decorations to the excellent catering services and sound system, this venue was perfect for hosting the best urban-loft wedding. This location was unique and unlike the others. And that is what made it quite the event space for Jessie and Sean’s memorable wedding.

Ambient Lighting at Eglinton West Gallery

The light fixtures consisted of modern-style chandeliers on the ceilings and candle stands on every table. But these soft lights and tones contrasted yet complemented the dark wood tones of the floors and walls in the event space. Together they formed a sensational and ambient atmosphere that translated flawlessly into the wedding pictures taken by Origin Weddings.

Soft lights tend to darken the image and lessen its appeal. But this is certainly not the case for Eglinton West Gallery Weddings.

Enchanting setup of Eglinton West Gallery

The event management team at Eglinton worked to form an enchanting and alluring table set-up for Jessie and Sean’s wedding reception dinner. The couple’s table was fully adorned with light pink and white flowers and the candle stands on each of the tables elevated the look of this event. There were large bouquets of roses on every table stand the scent of these flowers wafted throughout the entire hall. It felt like a fairy-tale dream and was quite mesmerizing to witness!

Captivating photographs from the Wedding at Eglinton West Gallery