Frequently Asked Questions

Find FAQs About Working With The Origin Weddings Team

You are required to keep a backup of each wedding you shot with us for 2 years starting from the couples wedding date.

Once you send an invoice (after the wedding date), we will pay you within 15 days, typically we try our best to pay you in 3 – 7 days.

To make it easier for bookkeeping and invoice sake, we have taken away deposits. Once you sign a contract for a wedding you are locked in. If for any reason the couple cancels the date you will be paid a deposit of $300. 

Second shooters do not get a deposit.

You are not allowed to cancel a wedding unless it’s something very important like a medical condition which you will need a doctors note for. Typically when we have locked you in we have showed your portfolio to our client and they love your work, that’s why they choose you. If you were to cancel on them after you agreed and singed a contract with us that would be really upsetting to them. Please don’t cancel <3.

You have 7 days to apply for a wedding once it’s posted in the Slack group. Once you apply for a wedding, it’s not guaranteed you will get it.

Our process begins by:

1. sending your portfolio to our client.
2. The client will choose who they like for their wedding day

3. We reach out to you to lock you in.

Once you confirm please don’t book anyone else in as we are working on sending over the contract and deposit to you.

Yes, you can share your work on socials but do not tag any of our couples, vendors.

Yes, you are able to run your own wedding business while with us. In order not to breach your contract, there are a few rules to remember. 

  1. You can’t steal clients of Origin Weddings. 
  2. You can’t advertise or refer yourself while working for Origin Weddings. 
1 hour before your time at a wedding is over, please make sure to talk to the couple or the planner to talk on your behalf to let the couple know they have 1 hour of coverage remaining and if they would like to extend an extra hour, the hourly rate is $300 per lead videographer or photographer.

Seconds do not need to stay any longer, as leads will be able to cover what is needed by themselves.

After the 7 day apply period ends, it typically takes us 4-14 days to confirm you have been chosen for the wedding as we are waiting for the client to choose who they want as their videographer/photographer.

Yes, you are able to swap your secondary position to a primary position if you get a gig from us for the same day.

Yes, we shoot birthdays, commercials, events & even movies & shows. You can see our commercial company Origin Films Inc. by visiting We are open to our photographers/videographers applying for positions with our Origin Films side.

Yes, you can charge us a .30/km travel fee for any location over 50km (one way) from our office at 1 King St W 48th floor, Toronto, ON M5H 1A1.

Here is a video on how to send an invoice –

Please make sure your invoice has a unique invoice number and if you are charging GST/HST you must include your GST number on the invoice.

Our starting rate is $85/HR for primary’s & $50/HR For secondary’s.