The Harding Waterfront Estate: A picturesque Mississauga mansion

A spectacular mansion that stands with majesty and pomp in the lands of lush green scenery. Harding Waterfront Estate is a beautiful white venue that proudly paints breathtaking views of Joshua’s Creek and the dazzling waters of Lake Ontario.

Heartfelt events at Harding Waterfront Estate

The building that is the pride of Harding is the Bell Gairdner House. Not letting go of the classic stories the house holds, the original elements are kept alive to this very day. And it can be seen in the vintage appearance of the building. Together with its history and modern amenities, Harding Waterfront Estate manages your events that are love letters to the future you.

The event venue promises to make your occasion a special one. Don’t take our word for it. They have a history of weddings and social events that are as enchanting as ever. Furthermore, the historic mansion was constructed in the 1930s by famous architects Marani Lawson and Morris. And the estate’s grandeur still is known all around the city.

The majestic front

Apart from its alluring lineage, the architecture of the mansion itself attracts you. It gives off a rich farmhouse feels. Painted all white, with glass block windows, and the main door built in a tholos looks amazing. Plus, they even have a balcony above the main entrance.

Together with rose bushes in the front, the mansion looks as if it popped right out of a fairytale. A place where the Princess and the Prince tie the knot and get their “Happily ever after”. A true Disney fairytale wedding spot!

Cool ambiance

The décor and the palette are cool and calm. Plus, the plaid colors of the interior and the lighting give off serene and positive energy. And the natural light falling through the windows adds a pinch of warm sunshine. A natural setup for beautiful wedding candids!

This place definitely has the element of “Chi” that makes your wedding perfect. And the minimal furnishing and the decorations make sure that the ambiance does not go way too over the top. A place where you, your love, and your families make memories of a lifetime!

Stairway to your heart

A flawless stairway that will lead to your heat! The wooden rails and steps, the minimal grey walls, and the white borders are ever so perfect! You will fall in love with it at first sight. A spot where you must take some beautiful photographs. And who better capture those moments that even the stills reflect emotions? Of course the professionals: Origin Weddings. Let them capture those moments forever!

Lush green scenery

Not only the mansion itself is a sight to behold. The estate houses scenery that makes your heart skip a beat. With birds chirping, ferns dancing in the wind, and the sun shining high in the beautiful blue sky, Harding Waterfront Estate is a haven of solace for nature lovers. And without a doubt, a venue fit for a bespoke wedding. And not only just weddings. Be it dinner with your colleagues, birthday parties, or social events. Anything you want to make a special day is here at Harding!

Sparkling waters of Harding Waterfront Estate

And the ace of the Harding Waterfront Estate are the sparkling waters of the Lake Ontario. An ideal waterfront location where the sky kisses the dazzling lake beneath.

Run on the rocks, hand in hand with the love of your life, kiss like you have never kissed each other before, and hug like you’ll never let go. Stare at the shimmering reflection and vow to protect each other. Let the water bear witness to your day where two hearts morphed into one. Just magical!

The Glass Pavilion

Harding Waterfront Estate also offers a glass pavilion for events and weddings. Guests can host events all around the season. The pavilion is large enough to accommodate 200+ guests with a reception capacity of 500. Plus, the ceiling is a beauty! Shimmering drapery, majestic chandeliers with dim lights, and glass. Looks dreamy!

A walk to remember

Right in front of the glass pavilion is a vast open concrete pavement to the mansion. The whole pathway has white rose bushes growing on the sides. And lantern lights to the very end of the road. They remind you of the lamp in Narnia that grew in the wonderland. Watch as the sun sets behind the tree canopy and the sky splashes orange over the blue. For a moment you would want time to stop. A breathtaking background to photos you will cherish forever!

Harding Waterfront Estate Wedding

Harding Waterfront Estate Wedding will indeed be a dream come true. With their mesmerizing mansion, glorious staircase, dim natural lighting, minimal décor, and a perfect waterfront location, your wedding will definitely be a cut above the rest. And why should it be not? Because Harding believes that no matter what the occasion, their guests are to be kept satisfied.

Furthermore, Harding Waterfront Estate’s wedding cost can be coordinated with the venue organizers. You can talk about the packages & the event catalog. And choose whatever suits your budget.

Harding Waterfront Estate Photos

The most important thing when covering an event is capturing it for eternity. Even if the venue is astounding, poor photography destroys the whole mood. So, you must hire a good photography company.

And we believe no one can capture your joy, happiness, and even tears in stills better than Origin Weddings! Let OW be your go-to photographers who are not only professional but also amiable. In addition, they strive for an end goal where you smile and can not get enough of watching your pictures over and over again. Because they take your breath away!

Harding Waterfront Estate will make your event distinct that will leave your heart content. An event that will leave you with big smiles and satisfaction with their top-class service. And it is a Harding promise that at the end of the day, you will be proud that you let Harding Estate plan your auspicious occasion.