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It’s your dream wedding, and you are putting extensive thought into every minor detail and making everything perfect. After all, it’s a day you will remember for your whole life. Years after your wedding, all that will remain with you are the emotions and the memories captured in the form of  photographs and videos (Wedding photoshoot).

So, aside from hiring the best wedding videographer and photographer for your wedding photoshoot, here are a few valuable tips every bride and groom must consider to get the best wedding shots and still be able to enjoy the big day! Let’s begin.

Wedding Photoshoot Prep

From the intimate moments shared between the bride and groom to the joyous interactions with family and friends, a successful wedding photoshoot demands careful attention to detail. Here’s how you can prep for the day, ensuring everything takes place just how you want: –

Communicate Your Preferences 

Sit down and discuss your photo requirements and expectations. Make a list of the to-dos, be it the formal couple pictures, couple or family portraits, pictures of the specific moments you want to capture, the cost, and personality of the shoot. It will ensure the photographer knows everything you are looking for.

Prepare for the Unexpected 

While planning is crucial, it is also essential to be prepared for unexpected events. Make sure you have a backup plan for bad weather or unforeseen circumstances like hair/makeup being late for the bride or groom, a dress not fitting the bride or the dress ripping apart, or flowers arriving late. It could be having an indoor venue option, providing the guests with umbrellas, or keeping someone by your side who can help the bride with the issues of the dress, or scheduling differently to accommodate the changes.

Create a mood board

Gather inspiration from various sources, such as magazines, websites, or social media platforms, and create a mood board to share with your photographer. This will help them understand your desired aesthetic and capture the essence of your vision. Include color schemes, poses, and specific shots that resonate with you.

Navigating Permissions 

Permission is a vital aspect of your wedding day. Some religious venues may restrict wedding photography during the ceremony, so discussing this with your priest or officiant is crucial. Also, review contracts from all vendors to ensure no limitations on capturing key moments. Open communication is key to ensuring a seamless and well-documented wedding day.

Schedule Enough Time for Each Section of the Day 

Make sure you distribute enough time for all the sections of the day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Here are some key areas to keep in mind while you plan your timeline: –

Hair and Makeup 

Allocate sufficient time for the hair and makeup of both the bride and groom. Discuss with your hairdressers and makeup artists to get an idea of the time needed to achieve your desired looks.

Ballroom Dance and Reception 

If you have a choreographed ballroom dance or any other special performance planned during the reception, ensure enough time for these moments. Coordinate with your photographer to capture these events from multiple angles, allowing for comprehensive documentation of the dance and the ambiance of the reception.

First Look and Couple Portraits 

The first look is one of the special moments between the bride and the groom when they see each other before the ceremony. This intricate moment often results in genuine emotions and beautiful reactions, making it a wonderful opportunity for stunning shots. So, make sure there is enough time for the first look shoot, ensuring you have more than enough moments to savor for the rest of your life.

bride and groom

Best Lighting

The best lighting conditions are key to excellent wedding videography and breathtaking photos. Whether it’s the magical glow of sunset or the warm hues of the golden hour, work with your photographer to schedule a couple of portraits during these times. The soft and flattering light during these periods will enhance the overall aesthetics of your photos and create a romantic ambiance.

Poses – Tips and Recommendations 

wedding photography tips

The idea of posing can be daunting for many. To alleviate any anxiety and ensure you capture all the desired shots, it’s beneficial to have a pre-planned list of must-have poses. Here are a few pose ideas to help the to-be-wed couple on their wedding day.

Poses for the Bride 

  • Admiring the Train: The bride delicately holds or lifts her gown’s train, showcasing its stunning details and exuding elegance and grace.
  • Fixing the Dress: This candid moment captures the bride adjusting or arranging her dress, adding authenticity to the photos. It highlights the design elements of the gown and showcases the bride’s attention to detail.
  • Heel Kick: Adding a playful and fun touch, the bride kicks up one foot, showcasing stylish heels or the bottom of her gown.
  • Portraits Through Veil – The pose adds a touch of mystery and elegance. The bride stands or sits while her veil is gently pulled over her face creating a soft and romantic frame.
  • Candid Laughter: Whether it’s a shared joke or a lighthearted moment, these spontaneous, candid shots often result in heartwarming and authentic photographs.
  • Opening the Curtains: This pose provides an opportunity for a dramatic and grand entrance. The bride stands near a set of curtains or drapes and gracefully opens them, unveiling a beautiful backdrop or revealing herself to the camera.
  • Bridal Bonding Moment: The bride and her bridesmaids stand or sit in a relaxed and close-knit arrangement. They can gather around the bride in a half-circle or shoulder-to-shoulder, with the bride at the center.bride with bridemaids

Poses for the Groom 

  • Getting Ready – Whether it’s adjusting his tie, fastening cufflinks, or donning his jacket, these shots reveal the groom’s attention to detail and showcase the start of his journey.
  • Beer (or Wine) with Friends – The relaxed and celebratory moment where the groom shares a drink with his friends or groomsmen.
  • Moving Out: This pose captures the groom’s departure from his pre-wedding location, whether it’s his home or a hotel room.
  • Looking into the Mirror: Similar to the bride’s pose, this captures the groom’s reflection in a mirror.
  • Holding the Coat Behind His Back & Placing the Jacket On: The groom holds his coat behind him in the first one. In the other one, the groom is captured at the moment, putting it back on, symbolizing readiness and showcasing the groom’s sense of style refinement.
  • Gazing at His Bride: This shot is all about the groom’s admiration and love for his bride. It could be a moment where he gazes at her from a distance or looks into her eyes during a first look or the photography

Wrapping Up

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event; capturing these precious moments through wedding photography is essential to preserve them. Following these events and preparing for your wedding photoshoot can ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.

However, there is nothing to stress about. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the day, be present in the moment, and let your love and joy shine through. Your wedding photos will serve as cherished reminders of your special day and the love surrounding you.