How To Reschedule Your Wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Reschedule a Wedding during the COVID19


It is upsetting to postpone a wedding at any time. However, the present uncertainties around us are not giving us much choice. Our heart goes out to the couples who had their weddings scheduled during COVID-19. We understand that you have to do it with a heavy heart after months of planning. But, it’s for the greater good for saving the world.

Now, you must be thinking that most of the preparations are already done, vendors have been paid and guests have also made their arrangements. After so much effort, how will you put a stop to it? To make your life easier, we have prepared a way to get you started on rescheduling your wedding with minimal damage. Here’s How to Reschedule Your Wedding during the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

Hit Pause on Orders

The first thing you must do is call the vendors and freeze all the custom orders. This includes your wedding stationery, makeup artist, florist, photographer, etc. Ask the designer to put a halt on the printing cards and stationery till you decide another date. The florist should be informed to put a halt on the order to avoid wasting fresh flowers. Call the makeup artist and photographer and make another appointment. 

The venue is perhaps the biggest concern. Ask for available dates as there will be a shortage of dates in the coming months because everyone is rescheduling their weddings and other events. Be careful while picking another date because you don’t want to postpone it once again. This may be a shocker but do not go for a date earlier than late fall just to be safe. 

A destination wedding is a big NO! Don’t pick another date yet. You don’t know when it will be safe to visit that particular place so just hold off for now. 

Get Everything in Writing

Considering the current situation, vendors are flexible and they will consider your request to reschedule. However; it is important to get an agreement in writing. So, after you have a word with them on call, make it official on email so that there is no chance of miscommunication in the future.  If you want to go an extra step, request them to send you a new contract to sign for the new date that you are booking with them. 

Inform the Guests

A lot of guests travel to attend weddings. It’s your responsibility to inform them first as they might have hotel bookings and flight plans. Call and email all the friends and family members to tell them about the new wedding plans. Relieve your guests of the anxiety as soon as possible because it is not safe to travel and attend large gatherings. If you have not decided on the date yet, give them an idea so that they can plan accordingly.

Send your Payments

You might find this surprising, but some businesses are close to collapsing. We realize that delaying the wedding also means delaying payments. We encourage you to make payments on the original dates as much as possible, as you don’t want to harm your vendor’s business. Many vendors are being forced to lay off their employees because they have no incoming business.

Let It All Out

We know that all the plans of being together with your partner, traveling and having fun are being taken away suddenly. It’s best to let it out of your system and allow yourself to feel the pain. It is sad, but you will not get over it unless you grieve. Talk to your partner and acknowledge each other’s feelings together. Yes, tackle the situation like a couple!

We hope the situation gets normal soon. Until then maintain social distance and look out for your loved ones. 

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