Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

There are so many decisions involved in wedding planning, from the guest list to wedding venues. And one of them is whether one should have a wedding videographer. Or whether wedding videography is worth it or not? And the short answer to that query is, yes! Let us share the reasons why videography is worth investing in.

Wedding videography captures moments pictures can’t

When it comes to capturing stills, they are usually posed. Also, there are some things that even the best photographer cannot capture. Hiring a wedding videographer ensures that those sweet real-time memories are captured at their raw. Whether it’s a dance battle at your reception or that emotional first look your videographer will be able to capture it all and later on you can relive those memories forever. Needless to say, it also captures the personalities and mannerisms of the people you love.

It’s not just recording moments, but more than that

Recording the video is not just about people moving in motion, it also includes audio and much more than that. Wedding videographers are talented enough to seamlessly film the event using their gimbals or drones. With the level of editing to leave you impressed, you can expect a souvenir that shows emotions, expressions, voices, interactions, and natural sounds of your surroundings. The complementary and emotional music and montaging the at the right moment makes it all worth the investment. You will be paying for the incredible cinematic experience that will last with you forever.

It’s worthy to relive the moments

Wedding videography gives you the option of re-watching and re-living the moments that you can achieve otherwise. It allows you to have a look inside the stuff that you might have missed and the little details that you might forget over time. Maybe you missed the cocktail hour because you were off taking portraits. Or, maybe you missed your spouse’s emotions when the gifts were being opened. The best part is that you will be able to share these moments with your family and friends again and again. And maybe show them to your kids someday.

It will be worth it to get your big day covered by a wedding videographer. It can take the experience to a whole new level. Since we are already on the topic, check us out at, we would be honoured to capture your big day so the memories last forever.