Le Treport: A Classic Wedding Story

Fine China and Chandeliers are what’s needed for a luxurious and memorable wedding experience. The Dazzling lights and lavishly decorated tables are what make Le Treport an ideal spot for lavish dinners, and decorous wedding ceremonies like David and Ayat’s.

The Le Treport Wedding & Convention Centre hosts many types of events in its various Banquet Halls, such as Promotions, Corporate events, Weddings, Bridal showers, and Rehearsal dinners. These halls can hold up to 500 guests at a time without the worry of crowding. Their famous halls include the Trillium room, The Hibiscus room, The Chapel, The Orchid Room, and the Trillium West and East rooms.

They offer World-class catering needed for setting up a fantastic event. Delicious French and Canadian cuisine foods and drinks are served on a regular basis at their events.

A timeless wedding occasion is truly what every couple wants and the Le Treport Banquet Hall achieves that dream by mixing elegance with entertainment. Having years of experience, they have mastered the art of creating the most amazing modern-day weddings.

The Extravagance of Le Treport

The venue offers a furnished and functional bridal room that can be used for wedding photographs with the other bridesmaids and family. The color theme used throughout Le Treport’s banquet halls is off-white linens, and white floral arrangements accompanying each guest table. Clients can have the option to choose the decor pieces and flowers for the occasion. David and Ayat went with the simple, red and white, floral arrangement for their wedding.

The Immaculate chandeliers and wide carpets add an air of sophistication to the venue.

But what are weddings without some good music and dance? These are essential for an extravagant African-style wedding. Le Treport set up an incredible sound system that let the guests dance the night away!

Each of the tables was professionally set up with the design preference of the client and further adorned with fresh flowers alongside lit candles to add an aura of elegance to the experience. They employ professional head chefs to serve the most delicious meals from famous cuisines.

Chandeliers Everywhere!

The Grand Chandeliers hang from almost every ceiling at the Le Treport Banquet Halls. They showcase the grandeur of the space and add to the grace of the photos. Many couples take their wedding photos under the chandelier light. These light up most at night and create a warm and luxurious aura for anyone who steps into the white room.

Wide Banquet Halls

Le Treport Banquet Halls are famous for their lavish Banquet halls and contemporary furniture.  The white marble flooring and intricate stage designs are what make this venue a special place to remember.

The halls and tables were adorned with beautiful garlands of red and white roses for the occasion.

Most African weddings pay close attention to the dais stage and decorate it according to the color of the bride’s wedding dress that day. And Le Treport replicated that aspect flawlessly!

In this ceremony, Ayat, the bride, wore a gorgeous maroon-red color and the professional stylists of the event management department at Le Treport managed to perfectly replicate that theme onto the main stage at the banquet hall.

Dance the night away with the people you love! The halls have enough space in them for family and couple dances. The right music, food, and people are key to a great night here at Le Treport.

Le Treport’s Picturesque Spots

With marble floors and wall borders, the banquet hall has a very classic and modern look to its architecture. These aspects make for the perfect backdrop for all wedding photographs at the venue. Origin Weddings captured these golden moments perfectly.

The flower arrangements give the venue a polished and chic look. The Modern-styled rooms make perfect ‘picture spots’ for a regal and contemporary wedding shoot. The bridal room at the venue comes with all the necessary appliances needed for the newlywed. A sleek and modern bathroom alongside a changing room is ideal for quick outfit changes and tweaks.

This New Joy

Confidently hold your partner’s hand and walk down the lit hallways at Le Treport with a smile on your face. The services offered at this venue are absolute class and cater to the likes and needs of all its clients. They have been in the business for some time and know exactly what clients look for in a perfect wedding.

Take advantage of the high-quality catering services and luxurious architectural designs for your special day. Le Treport has the necessary expertise to let you put your ultimate trust in the venue.

The special moments for any family are when they see the couple walk down the aisle together with joy glittering in their eyes. Le Treport makes this possible for families and couples all over!

Le Treport and the Memories