Milton Banquet & Conference Centre; Where happiness tenfolds

An absolute wedding destination

Milton Banquet & Conference Centre is an absolute event planning spot that possesses ideal coordinates, breathtaking backdrops to your pictures, professional staff, and phenomenal packages. A center where you get everything under one roof!

The state is spread over 36 acres of vast land that is a nature paradise. Furthermore, the lawns and the gardens are maintained to perfection. Your weddings at Milton will definitely be exemplary. Because they offer 4 banquet rooms that are decorated, style and furnished elegantly. Be it your wedding, reception, or wholesome pictures, Milton Banquet & Conference Centre has it all!

Located at a distance of 20 minutes from the Pearson International Airport, the venue can be reached easily in case of international events. Plus, Downtown Toronto is about half an hour away. So, the main shopping centers are not far away from the location.

A venue for all occasions

The venue has been planning and executing weddings for couples from Brampton, Halton Halls, Mississauga, and Burlington for quite some time now. So the occasions are all managed perfectly. Time, catering, cuisine, photography. Each and everything is just perfect.

Not only this venue is the optimum choice for dreamy weddings but numerous other events like social meetups, galas, prom nights, holiday parties, and birthday events. You name it Milton Banquet & Conference Center is ever ready to plan your occasion. And by plan we mean to work it out to the very last detail for a faultless event. An event where you will get no chance to pin point any error.

Largest patio in the city

Milton Banquet & Conference Centre proudly owns the largest patio in the city. Right in front of the building, the concrete pavement is one of the best spots where you can take group photos and celebrate happy moments.

Additionally, the background is amazing. A canopy of trees, rich blue skies, and a setting sun. The photographs come out amazing!

The majestic Grand Ballroom

Milton Grand Ballroom is one of a kind. Once you see it you will definitely be mesmerized by the astounding beauty. The ballroom has a sky-high ceiling of 40ft together with arches and double balconies on both sides of the room. The wooden flooring, white structures, and plaid coffee-colored paint perfectly complement each other. Moreover, the capacity of people it can entertain is up to 150 to 500. We must say the grandeur of the ballroom will have you hooked. The ambiance and the energy is calming. Just the place for an auspicious occasion like the binding of two hearts.

Lush manicured lawns and grounds of Milton Banquet & Conference Centre

The venue offers outdoor as well as indoor locations for your events. Apart from the indoor venue rooms, the outdoor areas include the lawns and the gardens. The workforce works tirelessly to manicure them and keep them neat and trimmed.

Your wedding amidst green trees and beautiful décor will definitely leave a lasting impression on your guests. Milton does an amazing job with outdoor décor. White chairs are set in an orientation to leave an aisle space. Which leads to a pavilion draped in white light breeze cloth. Pretty yellow sunflowers make it even more alluring.

A hue of Hibiscus

One of the best spots to take heartfelt photographs is the grill door entrance leading to the garden. The hibiscus flowers growing around it look as if they are paid to make your pictures turn out amazing. Looks as if it is raining flowers. And the hue of pink looks divine! Who better capture the moment than Origin Weddings themselves! Professional photographers to capture your warm memories.

Wooden gazebo

The wooden gazebo the venue offers is just fabulous to hot the after-wedding events. And a glitzy spot to hang around at night. They have bulbs entwined all around the structure. In pitch black lights when they are turned on, the place looks just magical!

A Milton Banquet & Conference Centre Experience

Let Milton Banquet & Conference Centre host your celebrations. Be it a wedding, a business event, social galas, friend’s fiesta, or reception. Milton will surely offer an experience of a lifetime. Because they are veterans in hosting glamorous events for over four decades! Together with their flawless time management and skillful event planning, they will execute an occasion that is oozing with extravagance and glam. Because that is what a true Milton Experience really is!

Furthermore, the elements they use are numerous. The décor includes linens, chair covers to go with the color palette selected by the guests, tables for reception and food, complimentary breakfast, corporate packages, tent options and so much more! And not to forget, the bride and the groom get a honeymoon suite! The wedding night got even more magical!

Milton embraces the nature around it

Apart from the facilities Milton provides, their location adds an element of enchantment. With lush trees, hedges, and ferns all around the estate, the photographs come out “wildly” amazing! And the sunlight does wonders! With the right photographers, catch the shimmering moments that literally glisten in the stills after. The sunlight shines through the photographs themselves! And that’s the magic of Origin Weddings.

Wedding Photography at Milton Banquet & Conference Centre

Celebrate the festivities and smiles of your big day with Origin Weddings. Because OW captures the charm and warmth of every second so you can hold onto it forever. With a team of highly trained staff, your event photography will turn out to be one of a kind!

Milton Banquet & Conference Centre’s green parkland, gazebo, lush trees, and flickering sunlight are just the perfect backdrop for your wedding pictures. Tranquil, courtyards that are neatly trimmed, and lawns that are well suited for wedding occasions. These elements surely will make your wedding a dreamy fairytale one!

Milton is an elite top-class award-winning banquet venue that refuses to compromise the standards of its work ethic. No matter the guests the workforce works professionally to bring you festivities that leave a mark on your heart. And Origin wedding photography is the icing on the cake! Two teams, one joyous occasion.