MontHill Golf & Country Club: Seasonal Festivities of Life

A golf club like none other

Are you hunting for a premier country club to host an event of a lifetime? Well, look no further. Because MontHill Golf & Country Club is a bespoke venue to host not only your auspicious wedding but also many other occasions like corporate events, business meetups, product launches, sales events, engagements, birthdays and so many more! Or if you want a relaxing night out with friends and family, MontHill is just what you need. Fine dining, golf courses, and sipping bubbly. The night possibly couldn’t get any better than this.

Furthermore, hosting an event at MontHill means top-class service, a professional team, delicious menu, and a soothing ambiance. Get ready to indulge in an experience that is exceptionally amazing, be it off the course or on the course. Because MontHill is all about high-class service and rich vibes!

What the country club has to offer

MontHill is one of the best golf clubs in Canada. Standing right in the heart of Ontario, the brand new estate has made a lasting impression on the hearts of guests by not only the services but also the breathtaking scenery. The grounds, the gardens, and the verdant trees located all around the state will definitely provide a beautiful backdrop to your photographs.

Plus, the picturesque countryside indeed adds a hue of magic to your special occasion. The venue is open to guests throughout all seasons. The estate features their signature Four Seasons Restaurant, their majestic banquet halls, and the notorious steakhouse. Furthermore, the facility is big enough to host an event of almost any size!

In addition, their workforce works tirelessly to bring you an event that is planned, personalized, and executed on your provided blueprints. And once the day arrives you’ll see why MontHill is second to none. For it will be a festival of a lifetime!

The MontHill Golf & Country Club Weddings

As grand as the club is, their weddings are even grander. Nothing like your classic weddings of the season but a cut above the rest. The vast estate that spreads over acres of manicured land, owns both indoor as well as outdoor locations with aesthetic views and scenery. Moreover, you get to choose from numerous wedding packages. With abundant options, you will surely find one that is just for you.

Guests can also book the state of art establishment for bridal showers, engagements, rehearsal dinners, after-ceremony celebrations, and many more. Because your wish is MontHill Golf & Country Club’s command! With professional services, amiable staff, and halls that are big enough to host up to 600 guests, your wedding is going to be a celebration none of your relatives will forget.

Wedding Venue

MontHill Golf & Country Club’s Ballroom is undoubtedly the most beautiful banquet hall at MontHill. And once you get to see the interior, you will see why guests are obsessed with it. Floor-to-ceiling windows paint astounding views of the perfectly manicured golf courses, and lush gardens that make your heart flutter. In addition, the interior includes vaulted high ceilings, mesmerizing chic architecture, wooden beams, a fireplace, a fabulous chandelier and minimal white painted walls together with the dim orange lights that add a spec of warmth and love.

Every element makes the venue perfect for your big day. A place where a ceremony of two hearts morphing into one takes place. And later a wild night of dancing and celebrations that marks the end of your glorious day.

Wedding Décor and Inspiration

MontHill Golf & Country Club wedding décor is beautiful! Totally Instagram-worthy! And what can go wrong with a white and black décor? With nominal accessories and perfect planning, the venue looks like a fairytale wedding. White rose bouquets, scented candles on every table, and black tableware looks very elegant as well as dreamy! Guests can choose a color palette of their own too. Whatever suites their taste.

Furthermore, small activities like signing wine bottles can also be arranged for the guests. Pour yourself a glass of tantalizing red wine and sign a bottle to enjoy anniversaries.

Wedding Cakes and cookies

Reception cakes and gifts are a hassle. But not when you have chosen MontHill to be in charge. White balloons in the backdrop of a pitch black cake make it pop out. And give baked cookies with cute icing as reception gifts.  Wrapped in a plastic wrapper tied with a cute black bow. Total Insta vibes!

Buggy on the go

Since you have chosen a golf club to host your wedding, why not indulge to the fullest? Reserve a golf buggy to enjoy a ride with your partner! Take candid photos as you wander around the course feeling the breeze and enjoying that rush of adrenaline. A golf club wedding is

incomplete with “Buggy on the go” experience!

Panoramic Views of MontHill Golf & Country Club

The views you see from the MontHill balcony are spectacular. One of the best spots to capture some heartfelt moments. Hold that hand you found firmly, and watch as the sun sets behind the lush green canopy of trees. Gaze as it splashes a crimson hue and toxifies the blue sky with blood-red specs of light. A moment worth a million lifetimes!

Luxuriant gardens and nature

As amazing as the insides of the prime golf club are, the outside are no less. MontHill Golf & Country Club is house to vast acres of golf course land that is neatly trimmed. Apart from the gardens, the luxuriant trees around the facility bring out a certain wild element. Capture memories that you’ll keep in your heart for a lifetime. Let Origin Weddings do their magic. Veterans in their respective field, you will definitely find yourself gawking at the results they bring you.

MontHill Golf & Country Club Photography

Videography and photography of your big day are as important as the wedding itself. There are many teams that you could hire. But the thing is, are you ready to trust them? So why not find someone who knows how to value your trust and faith? Who captures every moment with passion and love. And brings you photographs and videos that are as if your day is brought back to life. This is your sign to hire Origin Weddings.

So there you have it. An astounding venue and a hardworking team of professional photographers to make your day even more glamorous! An offer you can not refuse!