Project Description

Gataum & Melissa


Gataum and Melissa’s wedding was the most epic combination of two cultures celebrating one love. Starting on Aug 9, 2019 and ending on Aug 10, 2019, this 2-day wedding was one for the books. It had everything from smoke bombs and horses, to a helicopter entrance and massive hora. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this incredible wedding .

The Mehndi, ceremony and reception all took place in the Blue Mountains Resort, located in the gorgeous town of Blue Mountains. The entire venue was filled with glamorous and colorful décor, and the day was bustling with laughter and energy. After a successful Mehndi, the whole morning of the wedding day consisted of Gataum and Melissa eaglery awaiting to see each other . They conducted their first look at a local park where Melissa’s father’s memorial bench overlooked the beautiful lake. Dressed in traditional Indian wedding attire, the two couldn’t have looked more incredible. The day continued with a combination of traditional-indian and modern-western events; making for a diverse, entertainning and memorable night for everyone. When it was time for speeches, both laughts and tears were had by everyone including the guests, it was a touching reuinion of family and friends that had been long-anticipated since their relationship started. The night contiued with a lovely first dance, accompanied by a live saxophone player and band. We couldn’t have been happier to be able to provide wedding photography and wedding videography services for this amazing day and we truly wish Gataum and Melissa all the best in their future endeavors.

Watch Gataum and Melissa’s wedding highlight video below. 

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