Harding Water Front Estate Wedding

Diane & Alfredo

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Mood/Tone: Moody & Intimate

Our Love Story

September 2016:

There was a Church event called “Lumiere”  a formal ball/gathering where single people from our Church go to meet, make friends and possibly more. Diane, joining her friends, decided to go to have fun and enjoy the events that night. A mutual friend of both Diane and Alfredo, Camille, introduced Alfredo to her close friends (one of them being Diane) that time, Diane was not looking for someone to have a relationship with so she gave a small smile to Alfredo and nothing more.

April – June 2017:

Camille is preparing for her wedding & Diane is one of her bridesmaids. Diane being the caring person she is, is having a hard time keeping the entourage together and is in need of help. Alfredo happened to message her & needing someone to talk to. They eventually grew closer, going on small dates together; started to like one another more than just friends.

July-August 2017:

 On Canada day, Alfredo asks Diane’s parents if she could date her making it official in her family’s eyes (A classic filipino tradition) Love for each other flourishes and when attending Camille’s wedding in August, Alfredo tells Diane that he was offered job in BC and that he will be working there. Although sad and upset, Diane understands the opportunity he has as well as the love he has for her and makes it a point to always make an effort to show love for her through long distance.

September 2017- October 2020:

Although long distance was hard they would call each other & Alfredo would visit every couple months. When the Covid pandemic struck, visiting home was not as easy as it was, That was when Alfredo realized that he wanted to be with her forever. He decided to make a surprise visit (with the help of her friends and siblings) to propose to her. Alfredo decorated Diane’s family’s house with polaroid pictures and letters that were sent to each other throughout the years. When she finally arrived home that evening she was surprised to see a large outline of a heart decorated in candles in the middle of the living room and her boyfriend, soon to be Fiancee, bent on one knee behind her.


Location: Harding Water Front Estate Wedding

Caterer: Harding Water Front Estate Wedding

Event Coordinator: Jocelia Ofrano, Harding Waterfront Estate 

Florist: Metro Lloyd Manor Florist Department

Hair/Makeup: Michele Gomes

Transportation: Lavish Limo

Wedding Highlight Video

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