Tackle Wedding Planning Stress With These Tips

Planning for your big day is supposed to be fun and exciting! But, all too often we let worry take over us and the pressure interfere with this special time. Below are a few wedding planning stress tips that will let you have the time of your life.

Hire A Wedding Planner

You have been dreaming of this day for a long and have been planning for a long, not to mention the months you must have put in, so you deserve someone who can understand what you want and coordinate and plan everything accordingly. Hire a wedding planner who will take care of all the little details and coordinates the vendor arrivals and put out fires. A wedding planner will make a huge difference in a stress-free wedding.

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Keep Good Communication

Parents and in-laws can be difficult to communicate with! 53 percent of couples said their parents are the biggest stressing causing culprits with 33 percent saying their in-laws are the major cause of stress. For a stress-free wedding, you will need to communicate effectively with your elders and try to instill the same in them. If your mom and dad or your in-laws are contributing to the budget then obviously they will have a say in that. Sit down with them and talk about your vision for the big day. Also, hear what they want and find a compromise that makes everyone happy. Finding a middle group will really help with wedding planning stress.



With so much to do on your list and having little time, not to mention the life-changing experience that is going to happen soon, one might get easily overwhelmed. But to steer clear of all your worries, start meditation. A stress-free wedding is only achievable if you take care of your mental health. Meditation will make a lot of difference. Just start taking out 10 minutes in a relaxed environment, you can add an essential oil burner and light up some candles for Zen. Breathe in and out and get your nerves calmed down.

If You Are Nervous, Allow Yourself

Fear and nervousness will always accompany you with excitement and joy, naturally. It is normal to question your life commitment and the concern linked to it, but that does not mean you don’t want to get married. Acknowledge your nerves, communicate and discuss them and move on. Don’t let them get the best of you.

Go On A Date With Your Fiancé

43 percent of couples say that planning a wedding put a strain on their relationship as per the Zola survey. This is one of the most important wedding stress tips. The survey also says that the stress comes from differing opinions on the wedding detailing and 50 percent of couples agree on this fact. It is also followed up by problems with family and friends and their significant other where they do not corporate with each other when it comes to wedding planning. You will need to have a date of your own with your fiancé where you spend some time and double down on the reasons why you are marrying that person.

For a stress-free wedding, why not join a recreational adult kickball league, a pottery class, or become a member of a book club together. Try to enjoy your fiancé status while you can after all this time won’t be coming back!

Stay Organized And Identify Priorities

For a stress-free wedding set yourself up with a schedule for a smooth planning process and establish a solid system to start with. Keep all your contracts and documents in one place and create a “My wedding” label in your inbox to keep the track of related stuff to your wedding. Also, identify your priorities as there will be a list of endless things to work on and you might get easily overwhelmed. Choose the elements that are most important to you and focus all your energy on them. You will feel more relaxed, and your things will go as planned.

Never Second Guess Yourself

Many of the decisions that you might take will be a mental tug-of-war or some of the decisions will be easy and will come naturally to you. Once you have made up your mind on any of the trickier choices do not turn back.  Reopening any discussion will most likely make you fret and you will feel stuck again. Trust your initial instincts and go on.

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Make A Journal And Jot Down Your Feelings

Journaling is the best way to express your bottled-up emotions and it also helps emotions from festering into anxiety. Identify what’s been bothering you and then address that topic in your journal. Title the entry and stick to the theme to avoid yourself from flooding in emotions and keeping it all fun.

Delegate Your Responsibilities

This is one of the most important of all the Wedding stress tips! You won’t be able to handle everything by yourself and that is the truth so try delegating your responsibilities to others.  Enlist your family and friends to help you with different parts of your wedding preparations and run errands.

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Make Self-Care Your Priority

Planning a wedding can be very stressful and can cause symptoms such as headaches, change in appetite, and breakdowns. But maintain your sanity by taking a break and making self-care your priority. For a stress-free wedding pamper yourself with massages, facials, and even a manicure and pedicure in a spa. Or if you cannot visit a spa, try to settle down in the tub with your favorite bath bombs and salt. You can also light up some candles and watch your favorite Netflix show while soaking in the bathtub.

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Take full advantage of your precious pre-wedding time or “while you are still single” time with these wedding planning stress tips. After all, this time will never return. Since we are already on the topic of weddings, do not forget to capture beautiful memories. Make sure to check us out at https://originweddings.ca/. We would be honored to capture your big day so the memories can last forever.