Tips on Having a Small Wedding Pre-Covid

Considering having an intimate small wedding? After all, the wedding should truly be about the bride and groom. It may seem daunting to plan a small wedding, but we’ve got some tips to make the process as smooth as can be.

Read on for some tips on having a small wedding:

Small Wedding

Don’t forget to prioritize

Your special day requires lots of attention and planning. Everything from the decoration, guest list, photographers, and venue is decided with fervor. However, when planning a smaller wedding, it is best to prioritize and decide what is most important to you and your partner. Is decorating with carnations more important than inviting your college besties? Well, making these decisions beforehand makes it easier to understand which detail needs more attention.

small wedding

Eliminate all pressure

One of the most common reasons couples choose intimate weddings is due to familial pressure. After communicating a common ground with your family, it’s important to stick to what you and your partner deem necessary and make your respective families understand that. The purpose of a small wedding is to get rid of unnecessary pressure and to be able to make decisions according to your liking and budget.

small wedding

Do your research

It is crucial that you find the best services in terms of food, venue, and photography, etc. Spending more doesn’t always mean better quality. Weighing your options and making an informed decision can be one of the best decisions you take for a smooth planning process. It’s important that your vision for your wedding is reflected through the services you hire.

Engagement Shoot

Capture the special moments

When you’re having a small wedding, it’s the special moments that matter. The true essence of the day can easily be captured by the perfect photographers/videographers. These pictures and videos will serve as memories of a special day where you united with your partner. However, a small wedding is all the more special and is surely much closer to your heart.

Bride & Groom

These tips and Origin Weddings can make your planning as easy as possible. If you’re having an upcoming wedding, we at Origin Weddings promise to capture the essence of your day through our trusted photography and videography services. We make a commitment to understanding the needs of our clients and the visual style they may prefer. At Origin Weddings, we make YOU our priority.

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