How Much Does Wedding Photographers Cost?

Congratulations are in order if you’re reading this post and are one of the several hundred people planning their wedding! Planning a wedding can get overwhelming and tiresome because of the many little details that need to be addressed all while making sure it’s something both you and your partner truly love. Attire, rings, vows, and location are a few of the many things you’ll need to sit down and think about, and while those things are necessary there is one crucial detail that needs to be finalized, your wedding photographers cost!

wedding photographers cost

Basic and Advanced Packages

Wedding photography prices are sky high and for good reason. On average, an 8-hour shoot costs between 2500$ – 3000$. This price is usually applied to the basic packages and may increase if you plan on hiring more photographers to cater to your crowd or require a film to be shot. While pictures make for great memories, there’s nothing like revisiting your special day, this time in a relaxed and cozy environment!

The wedding day can get hectic and you can’t be in more places than one. So, it helps to have behind the scenes snippets of your partner and loved ones. Certain events create memories for a lifetime: the vows, wedding toasts and first dances are amongst those. Several years down the road you’re able to relive those teary-eyed moments through a well-captured film.

 Wedding Photographers Cost

Photography Gear

Photographer for weddings prices is not only justified because of the time and effort they put into capturing and editing the photographs but also the gear and equipment they require to do so. A well-photographed event is usually captured with multiple camera bodies to avoid the hassle of changing lenses especially during crucial moments like the first kiss. The more experienced your photographer is the more equipment he’ll have and hence an increase in the overall cost.

 Wedding Photographers Cost

Pre & Post Wedding Shoots

Other factors that play a huge role in your wedding photographers’ cost are the pre-and post-ceremony shoots if any. Just like the wedding, it’s important to capture the journey that led to this big day or a glimpse of the new beginning through a post-wedding photoshoot. Whether it’s the proposal or a more relaxed shoot, your wedding photography prices are sure to bump up. If you’re looking to get a customized quote for your wedding day, you can get a quote by filling out our form in which only takes 2 minutes! CLICK HERE TO GET A QUOTE.

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