What To Expect At The Storehouse 408 Wedding


Everything You Need To Know About The Storehouse 408

The weddings held here at the Storehouse 408 are as unique as the name of this venue. If you are planning to get married at a place that is minimal yet quite unique, you should take a virtual tour of this outstanding venue. They offer free virtual tours to everyone on their website.

Storehouse 408 is located in Cambridge, Canada and is a fairly new wedding venue. It was formerly a beer shop, one of the very first beer stores in Canada, and now it has transformed into an award-winning venue suitable for corporate events, intimate gatherings, as well as wedding ceremonies and receptions.

The building was originally built in the 1960’s and covers around four thousand square-feet area. And, today, a beautiful wedding venue has been made out of it.

A Full Day Wedding at Storehouse 408

Have you ever thought of having a full day wedding instead of renting a space for only a couple of hours? If so, then Storehouse 408 offers a full day wedding event starting from early morning 10 am till 1 am in the night. Sounds super exciting, right?

This is a gorgeous venue that gives a homey vibe and is a great space to cozy up to and you can easily spend your evenings here lounging, eating, and dancing.

Besides these facilities, they have everything available inside for the bride and the groom. So, they can easily get ready for their ceremony and take some pre-wedding photos to make the most out of their big day.

All About Storehouse 408 Cambridge

The Venue Exterior:

One of the most amazing things about this venue is that it looks as minimal on the outside as on the inside. It’s like having a place to yourself and you can decorate the space however you want to.

On the outside, it looks like a modern piece of architecture with a hut-shaped roof style. The walls are painted in dark grey with sleek, glass doors and windows installed to make it look attractive. There are two vases of flowers on either side of the entrance door filled with a generous bunch of fresh flowers.

Around it, you can see concrete walls and a polished concrete floor that gives a very smooth look.

The Venue Interior:

When you walk inside, the first thing that greets you is a customized doormat that says ‘hi there!’ Number one way of attracting the guests, indeed. And for the ceiling, they have used beer rollers and have hung cute ceiling lights from it. A nice way for a warm welcome.

Next up, there are glass doors that lead you straight to the main hall one, yes there are more than one main halls, there are actually five in total. Each main hall can easily accommodate as small a number as 30 and as big as up to 160 people.

There is a sufficient number of windows to let as much sunlight stream in as possible. Daylight ceremonies look especially beautiful because of the light and subtle interior of the venue.

The walls are painted in a white shade and the birth wall is made of bricks, giving the room a very original look. What’s cool about this place is that there’s a door inside that opens in the courtyard outside where, oftentimes, the wedding ceremonies are. So, that the guests can have easy access to the courtyard.

The door pulls up like a blind and curves a little before sitting fixed on the ceiling, so it does not get in the way. Definitely an awesome feature.

There are minimal and unique lights hanging from the ceiling and all of these lights, everywhere, are warm and light up the room in just the right way.

The Flex Room & Private Bathroom for The Couple:

Just beside the hall, is a hallway that has flex room on one side of it. The flex room is basically for the couples where they can get ready, click their pictures, keep their gifts in, and wait for the guests to settle down so they can show up together in case they don’t want the guests seeing them prior to the ceremony.

Also, they get a separate bathroom space, as well for their personal use. And the bathroom is slightly bigger than the rest of the powder rooms. The interior is also super cute with beige paint and matching printed tiles. It’s minimal with a wooden floor, sink, and a toilet seat. However, the space is just enough for changing clothes.

The Powder Rooms:

Storehouse 408 offers exactly seven powder rooms for the guests that are also gender neutral. The space is small as compared to the private bathroom for the couple but it’s enough, otherwise. All the doors of this venue are matte black with gold handles and black details on them.

The interior of the powder room is somewhat similar to the private bathroom. It has a vanity, and a toilet and the staff makes sure that they are always well-kempt.

The Courtyards:

Storehouse 408 wedding venue offers both indoor and outdoor celebrations. Usually, the wedding ceremonies are held outdoors, in the courtyard, and the reception dinners are organized indoors. However, this is not a rule and it totally depends on your choice on how you have visualized your wedding event.

There are a total of three courtyards in Storehouse 408, and their area is bigger than the main halls. There’s a gas fireplace set up at the end of the courtyard where the couples usually say their vows at. Opposite to it is a wooden door, from where the bride enters and walks down the path. They have definitely left a touch of the old beer shop in it

The courtyard is completely open with string lights decorating the roof. So, the guests can breathe in some air and enjoy the event thoroughly.

You can either leave it as it is or get it decorate however you like. Use either fresh florals or any other ornaments that you prefer.

The Storehouse408 Kitchen:

The kitchen is quite a huge space where the chefs can either cook the food or prep it to serve. This depends upon the menu. Its interior is also made with lots of light colors and wooden touches with granite counters.

The chefs can also prepare meals at their own kitchen and bring it to the venue so they can do plating, real quick. There’s a proper system of ventilation and an open space left behind the kitchen so that the aroma of the food does not spread and disrupt the events.

Photography Spots in Storehouse 408 Cambridge:

The owners of the Storehouse 408 wedding venue provides a document to all their clients which contains a list of all the suitable places for wedding photography within a five minutes drive from the venue. Storehouse, itself, is a very pretty place for pictures but just in case, the couple wants to go to another location, they are given another set of options.

You can get your photoshoot done in a lot of cute spots at the Storehouse 408. Like, the flex room, entrance, backyard, main hall, and courtyard. All are picturesque and swoon-worthy.

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen can also join in on the fun and capture some happy moments like in these photos by Origin Weddings.