8 Weddings Details To Never Overlook

Want everything to go smoothly on your wedding day? Then you probably need to consider some wedding details that shouldn’t be overlooked. These details aren’t as important as your dress or cake but can really help make your day more fun and just personalize the experience for your guests. 

  1. Under The Dress

You want to plan ahead of time the sort of underwear you’ll be wearing. This may sound funny but you want the perfect bra that accompanies the neckline of your dress, so you don’t have to stress out at the last minute.


  1. Go For Some Personal Touches

To personalize your wedding, opt for custom napkins, cocktail glasses, or even centerpieces with the initials of the bride and groom. If you’re putting in this effort, make sure to ask your wedding photographer to capture the details.



  1. Powder Room Rescue Basket 

Keep a basket full of necessary items in the powder room so your guests can feel extra special. Include things like mints, stain remover, and bobby pins.



  1. Emergency Kit

Small mishaps on your wedding can lead to a panic attack. A drop of red wine, flyaways, or a stuck zipper are a few problems that often occur at a wedding. Ask your maid of honor to keep an emergency kit that contains items such as needles and thread, stain remover, hair spray, or even some perfume.