Hosting a Bridal Shower? Here is all to know!

A bridal shower is a fun way to celebrate a bride-to-be. Let’s all agree that a bridal shower is no surprise to anyone. All the brides know that they’ll get an amazing bridal shower from their friends and family. It is one of the exciting pre-wedding events that’s filled with laughs, fun décor and drinks!

If you are wondering what you need to do in order to throw the best bridal shower of the season then keep scrolling!


Bridal Shower


Set a Budget

We know you are way too excited to start working on the theme for the bridal shower. But, before heading directly to the fun part, you need to work on some logistics. It means you have to set a budget for the event and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that it’s not the wedding day, but a pre-wedding event so keep it an amount that is affordable. 

Set the Date

The best date to have the bridal shower is as soon as possible! It’s a good idea to start planning four to six months prior to the big day. This way there would be no chances of unavailability of days for your friends and family and you will have ample amount to plan the shower. 

Traditionally, a bridal shower is thrown a month before the wedding. The best way to go about is to discuss it with the bride, her close friends, and family members. Once everyone has agreed upon a date you can lock the calendar for the party.

Create a Guest List

Ask the bride to share a list of people she would love to invite on the bridal shower along with their contact details. Remember that you are on a budget, so the headcount should be according to something you can afford.

Also, remember anyone who is invited to the shower is a guest at the wedding too.

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Pick a location for the shower

Once the date and guests have been finalized, it’s time to pick out the venue. Consider the number of people coming to the shower before finalizing the location. It is up to you whether you want to have the event at your own house (if you are the hostess) or at a nearby venue. 

Pick out a Theme

Selecting a theme for the event is the best part of throwing a shower. Pick out something that you can easily pull off and suits the bride-to-be’s personality. An interesting theme will add life to the décor, food station, invitation cards and the overall ambiance.

This area is open for experimentation and trying out fun stuff so let your creative juices flow! You can pick from something exquisite like a Tiffany theme to something bubbly like pastel colors and boho.

Bridal Shower Table


Setting Up for the Bridal Shower

There are multiple things involved in this step. First, you need to send out invitation cards. Then pick out a menu depending on the time of the event. Next is setting up a food station and bar. This should coincide with your theme as well. For example, if you are having a pastel-colored theme, then add some pink frosting on the cupcakes or serve pink lemonade.

While purchasing the bridal shower décor, keep in mind the theme and the venue. Things you must check off the list are props, selfie station, good lighting and of course decorative elements. 

Make the Event Fun

There is a lot of stuff that you can do to pull off a memorable bridal shower. You can plan some fun games and activities for the guests. Go for something that all the guests can indulge in and have a great time. 

Wedding Bridal Shower


Don’t forget the Party Favors

Lastly, as a thank you to the guests for making the day special for the bride-to-be, give out party favors. it can be a cookie or something personal like a ring or hair accessory with some candies. 

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