How to Get Ready for an Engagement Shoot

Doing an engagement shoot can be quite nerve wrecking; and when we say that we mean for the engaged couples. We think it would be safe to say that every couple wants their engagement photos to turn out perfect. They want to look amazing, feel comfortable and pose in the best manner possible. We offer wedding photography in Toronto for all couples looking to get their engagement shoot done. 

Your engagement photo shoot should be casual and natural rather than being formal or staged. To help you out, here are a few ideas and tips for preparing for an engagement shoot:  

Wear Comfy Clothes


You probably want to look extra nice on your engagement shoot, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wear uncomfortable clothes. There are plenty of options you can go for, so just skip those clothing items which you would normally never wear. What you can do is bring a few different outfits with you to the shoot; this way you can get some photos in simple and comfy clothes and others where you are slightly dressed up. Just remember to always be yourself in your engagement shoot! 

Do Your Research

If you want to get some inspiration before the shoot, open your laptop, ask your partner to join and spend a few hours looking at different wedding blogs and engagement photo shoots of other couples. You can get plenty of ideas just by spending some time on the internet, so make sure you get that done. 

Don’t Overthink It



It is pretty easy to overthink things when it comes to an engagement shoot. Let me tell you; that won’t get you anywhere. Don’t think too much about what poses to do and how to act when your photos are being taken. Just be yourself self and do stuff you love during the shoot. For example, if you both love board games then go for that. You can also take advantage of the season like playing in the snow during winter time or chilling in the park around beautiful trees/plants during spring time. The options are just endless! 

Use what’s Around You