What should be the Theme of your Bridal Shower?

It’s time for a bridal shower? Well, let’s admit first that it’s no ordinary day. The day is as important and exciting for the bride tribe as the wedding. It is just like a mini wedding event with lots of planning. 

We all know that the best thing about the bridal shower is the theme. Whatever theme you pick must reflect the bride’s personality in one way or the other. So, to spark your bridal shower, we have gathered a bunch of amazing ideas for the party. After going through these ideas, we are sure you will find something that matches the bride’s vision. 


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Vintage is all about details! So, if your bride loves the idea of vintage and classy things, then consider a theme full of vintage chic décor. You can settle on a gorgeous color theme with lots of florals. If you can find a venue with antique vibes then that’s perfect. Fill the room with loads of old elements. Think of crystals, pearls, chandeliers, and candles and go from there. 

Pro tip: A thrift store near you might also have some cheap vintage looking pieces. 

Cooking Class

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A fun-filled bridal theme idea is to have a cooking class at the event. Ideally, it’s perfect for the ladies who are true foodies at heart. You don’t have to do much. Just get your girls ready and head to a private cooking class in your very own kitchen. Make-up teams and bake/cook some good stuff for the bride. Let her be the judge and have fun too. This will cover the food for the bridal shower as well. 

Pro tip: Add some cute food elements to the invitation card to attract the guests. 

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