Who Should You Invite to Your Rehearsal Dinner?

Who Should You Invite to Your Rehearsal Dinner?

If you have given any thought to rehearsal dinner, then you must know how difficult it is to decide the guest list. The obvious picks would include the bridal party and close family. But what about the relatives and guests who live out of town? Is it absolutely necessary to invite them too? Do you really have to play a host to hundreds of guests? Here are a few tips from our experts to plan a rehearsal dinner guest list wisely.

Before we start, keep in mind that you are not hosting another wedding event, so it’s okay to exclude some people from the rehearsal dinner. Let’s get started!

The A- Team

Your best pals and closest family members are the obvious guests at the rehearsal dinner. They are your support system so make sure you include them all. There are no doubts about excluding them from the dinner. Best friends, parents, in-laws, close relatives and of course the grandparents fall in this category. 

‘Must be Invited’ Guests

After your closest group of people, there are always a couple of must-invites that you should consider. You would want to include them in the guest list for rehearsal dinner because they will be present at the wedding. Also, they will be hanging out close to you during the entire wedding event. It is up to them to reject the invite but as a host you must send them an invite. Don’t forget that all the less obvious picks will also bring a partner. So, do extend the invite for plus ones too. 

Now, if you want you can also include some junior members like the flower girls, ring bearers and other kids. If they are invited to the rehearsal dinner, then extend the invite to the parents of course. 

Turn It into a Party

Be open with your guest list if you want to go all out at the dinner. It can include all the guests who have already arrived, your old roommates from college, distant friends and godparents. 

Another idea is to include everyone in the wedding guest list! This may sound crazy, but it will be a good way to introduce your guests to one another. While you are making it big, add some entertainment ideas for the dinner to match the vibe. It can be a local band performance or BBQ in the backyard.

 Be a Host of the Year

If you still feel bad about not inviting everyone to the rehearsal dinner, then have a round of drinks with the remaining guests later on. Make it an informal event, take your A-team to the bar and invite the extras as well. 

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