Holiday Inspired Winter Wedding Color Combinations

Snowflakes, icy roads and icicles remind us of all shades of dull and dark. A winter wedding can get really tricky if you don’t know the right shades to mix and match for the venue and for your wedding dress. Throw away the blacks, whites, blues, and moody hues as you embrace the season in all its richness with shades ranging from pastels to light neutrals that stay in fashion throughout the year. Here’s our Winter Wedding Color Combinations that we suggest.

Here are a few shades that you must look out for during a winter wedding:

  1. Burnt rose and rust with Blue

You can create a whole theme using the 70s inspired color palette that screams vintage in all directions. It lives up to the holiday-inspired winter wedding color combination with royal shades of blue worked through sequin hand embroidered bunches on wedding dresses. Think of beaded capes, brocade, and velvet gowns. 

Winter Wedding Color


  1. Lemon and Cream

This seems to be a color combination that every summer would fall for. You can brighten up the gloomy winter days with a nice ochre palette that includes shades of lemon and textured creamy hues to help you sort your winter wedding dress out. 

Not only is this in the spirit of a holiday-inspired winter wedding color combination, but also sits well with your winter photo session. Adding bright hues will help uplift the mood and provide that special touch to your photos.