2022 Wedding Trends to Start Looking Out For

Planning a wedding in 2022? Worry no more as we are here to guide you through all the upcoming 2022 wedding trends that will make your wedding extra special. From figuring out which color palette to choose, to picking out the perfect bridal dress; we’ve got something for everyone.

Cut Back on Guests

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After the whole covid-19 pandemic, the top 2022 wedding trend is micro weddings. Couples should opt for small, intimate weddings with just their closest friends and family members. This way, you can have a lot more budget per head and really amp up the luxury factor.

Going Big

Wedding Trends

This 2022 wedding trend relates to the last one we mentioned. Now that you are saving the cost of inviting over 100 guests, you can go big with the wedding décor, dress, food and even the favors. Amplifying these details will ensure your guests have a great time at your wedding. Think of huge centerpieces, a luxurious dress, and maybe even personal wine tasting?

Buying British

Wedding Trends

The lockdown has taken a huge toll on the UK economy, which is why more couples are encouraged to support UK’s bridal boutiques, suppliers, and businesses. The wave of supporting local and small businesses have really risen due to the pandemic, and people all over the world are all in to support them rather than purchasing from corporate giants.

Shades of Pastel

2021 Wedding Trends

Pastels have finally entered the wedding industry and we are all for it! These colors will fit right in with the new relaxed and intimate wedding vibes. Think of colors such as pastel pink, powder blue, lilac, and even some peach.

A Simple Wedding Gown


The hottest wedding dress for 2022 is simple, minimalistic, and timeless. You’d be surprised at how much minimalistic dresses cost since they focus hard on the tailoring and mastering that perfect fit. Don’t be hesitant to spend a little extra on your wedding dress; it’s totally worth it.

Large Florals

 Flowers flowers

Flowers are a big part of your wedding day, so why not make them extra extravagant? Search for British sourced flowers from florists to help show your support. Go big on the arrangements and even ask your florist for the ones that are big on scent. Get a bit creative and think about the different ways to incorporate flowers into your décor.

Magical Lighting

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Lighting is probably one of the most important parts of your wedding décor, so make sure to invest a few extra dollars there. Mood lighting is going to be a huge 2022 wedding trend, so have fun with it.

We hope reading about all these amazing trends have gotten you excited for the upcoming year!

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