Winona Vine Estates – All You Need To Know

Wedding ceremonies and reception venues bring elegance and beauty to your overall wedding style. It’s important to decide the venue beforehand and explore many unique and creative ideas according to the space. One of the most popular and traditional types of wedding venue is the church-style reception room wedding. Century after century, such weddings have been taking place. If you are also planning to tie the knot this year and are looking for great venues that cater to your every need then look no further because Winona Vine Estates has a beautiful setting to add grace and style to your big day.

Winona Vine Estates Reception Room

The grand wedding reception room is the epitome of beauty with floor-to-ceiling glass windows surrounding it and huge, fancy chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The oh-so classic church-style room has a splendid yet minimal interior, that leaves a lot of room for you to add all your favorite pieces of decoration.

The walls are painted in plain white color along with intricate details of woodwork spread all throughout the venue. At the altar, there is a statue of Jesus Christ hung from the wall with a gorgeously hand-painted window design in the back.

Winona Vine Estates are commonly famous for organizing grand wedding events that can cater to up to 550 people without making the space look too crowded or congested.

Winona Vine Estates Interior Ideas:

In an indoor wedding, more space equals more décor. Take a look at these pictures from the Origin Weddings gallery. This couple had beautifully decorated the wedding altar and assorted flower arrangements.

The seating arrangement is parted into two sections with the aisle in the center. The wooden benches were also a perfect addition. The overall look is a perfect balance between modern and traditional.

You can set up a photo booth inside for your guests to click some memorable pictures. And also line up some flower vases and candles on the welcome tables to enhance the beauty of the venue.

You can bring your imagination to life by customizing your décor. Winona Vine Estate offers this very facility to you so that there’s absolutely nothing that is not according to your choice and theme of the day.

Plus point, this will also create a fresh fragrance.

Set the Mood Right with The Winona Vine Estates Dance Floor:

The after-wedding party is a must! And no party is ever complete without dancing your heart out to your favorite music beat. The dance floor at the Winona Vine Estate is situated at the back of the room. It has its own charm and charisma.

The ceiling has multiple spotlights suitable for the environment with a grand chandelier hanging from the center. There are a set of tables at the back for the guests to sit on and drink the finest champagne. For a wedding, it is one of the most perfect dance floor settings.

Wedding Photoshoot

The outdoors of Winona Vine Estate is perfect for wedding photoshoots. The rock path with grass on either side looks simply sophisticated. The entrance and park are well-kempt. And, the grass is cut out in neat patterns for fine finishing.

Take a look at these pictures from one of the wedding photoshoots at Winona Vine Estate. They are truly amazing with the rich-looking trees in the background. A picture-perfect scenery to create memories with your other half and your loved ones.

Here are a few photography inspirations from our gallery.

Outdoor and Indoor Wedding

Another worth highlighting element of Winona Vine Estate is that it offers both indoor and outdoor ceremonies. The area beside the park is reserve for outdoor wedding ceremonies. It is completely bland so you can furnish it however you want. If you plan to hold the reception dinner indoors or outdoors, you can minimize the indoor interior and focus on reception décor outdoors since everybody will be spending more time in the reception room.

Moreover, their outdoor space is stretched over 14 acres and you will be provided with all the facilities that are necessary to carry out your wedding.

In addition to this, the indoors are especially gorgeous and have antique designs that will leave you awestruck. It is the most suitable venue for a graceful and grand wedding.

Winona Vine Estate Eatery

Now, this is the real deal. One of the many facilities that this venue offers is the customizable menu. You can get in touch with the kitchen staff and give them a list of all the items that you would want for your wedding venue.

You also have an option to select from their menu but Winona Vine Estate gives you the option to customize your wedding buffet. They have a separate restaurant space inside, as well. You can book that if you like. The interior is so pleasant and aesthetic that you would instantly fall in love with it.

From the draperies hanging on the windows to the nicely organized buffet table, everything is spot on. The interior is nothing short of excellent with a variety of decoration styles available according to your taste.

Winona Vine Estate also provides you full-time service. As well as their staff is helping and well-mannered. All in all, they make your event their top priority and deliver efficient and amazing results along with premium facilities and competent staff.

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