The Guild Inn Estate: Wedding Venue Essentials

Deciding on a venue for your wedding can prove to be quite a task. The venue of your wedding lays the basis for the theme and style that you want to go with on your big day. However, you don’t have to worry about selecting your wedding venue anymore because The Guild Inn Estate offers a splendid and quaint location to host a wedding to remember!

If you are planning to host a traditional and grand wedding, The Guild Inn Estate is simply perfect. This venue is a treat for the eyes and has both indoor and outdoor locations available. So, if you are going to host an outdoor wedding ceremony, you can hold the wedding reception dinner indoors with an extravagant interior that leaves no room for imperfections.

The Guild Inn Estate Wedding Photography:

As already mentioned above, this place is extraordinary with its gorgeous scenic backdrops that are ideal for wedding pictures. The estate, itself, is so natural and aesthetically pleasing that you do not have to go to extra lengths for the décor. All you have to do is pose for romantic photographs and you’re good to go.

The entire Guild Inn Estate is available to use for photographs, be it the outdoors or the indoors. This place has absolutely stunning visuals with its vintage and old-fashioned look. All the newlyweds love to take a walk around the garden and click pictures, side by side.

Some of the most exquisite places include the garden, estate entrance, foyer, bridal room, backside stairs, floor-to-ceiling windows, and the outdoor wedding altar.

Origin Weddings captured some of the most breathtaking couple photos along with some pre-wedding photography of the bride and her bridesmaids. It was quite fun clicking these happy and candid moments prior to the wedding. Besides this, the beauty of this venue added a touch of sparkle and glee to it.

The Guild Inn Estate Wedding was truly something else!

The Vue Eventspace Restaurant:

This wedding was a mixture of different venues and each one of them was simply awesome. The interior of their restaurant is, simply put, everything that you have ever dreamed of! Traditional round tables with a VIP sofa seat lounge are truly admirable. The modern chandeliers hung from the ceiling with LED projector screens looked luxurious with rows of elegant carpets rolled out on the floor.

The space of this vertically huge room is nicely utilized with dinner tables in the center, and a VIP lounge on one side and the rest of the area is left empty and uncrowded with tables to facilitate the guests and avoid any obstacles. You can host as many or as few guests as you want.

The outdoor view of the Vue Eventspace Restaurant is also terrific with the glass windows stretching from floor to ceiling and the warm lighting that creates a light-hearted atmosphere. On one side of the restaurant, is a buffet table that stretches from one end to the other and on the opposite side, is a cocktail bar for live and fresh drink servings.

However, there’s a smaller dining area outdoors, where the dance floor is situated, as well. Most couples get their sweetheart table set up outdoors. Every single thing is rich in taste and radiates exuberance in this venue, as well.

Interior of The Guild Inn Estate

The Guild Inn Estate Wedding Décor:

The outdoor wedding ceremony requires almost little to no décor at all. If you want to have a minimal wedding, you can rely on the natural beauty of this place. However, if you have planned a fancy wedding, then you must go for a lavish décor.

Most of the weddings that are held in the Guild Inn Estate usually opt for fresh and fragrant floral furnishing. The couples love to enhance the extraordinary look of this venue by creating an arc of flowers at the entrance, creating floral walls for the wedding altar, (and of course photography backdrop), and wrapping the tall, white pillars with strings of flowers.

It’s honestly beautiful to see rows and rows of fresh flowers, and some candles, decorating this magnificent piece of architecture.

The Bridal Room:

Origin Weddings Team had a chance to mingle with the bride before her wedding and we got a chance to explore the lush bridal room of the hotel that she got ready in. It was a gigantic room with a bathroom, walk-in closet, and makeup room inside of it.

The walls were plain but the interior style of the room added splendor to it. With frames of paintings hanging from the wall, artistic pieces of wood adorning the wall niches, comfortable sofa seats, and glass windows, everything was top-notch. And the bathroom had a luxurious bathtub, an antique glass wall, and retro wall designs. What an absolutely amazing choice of venue to have a bridal party.

We were able to capture the beauty of this place in a pre-wedding shoot.

The Guild Inn Park:

The Guild Inn Park, surrounding the Estate, is absolutely breathtaking and enormous. It looks gorgeous in every season be it in bright summers, blossoming springs, crisp autumns, or snow-covered winters.

With the tall trees line on either side of The Guild Inn Park, the location is a sight to behold. Moreover, there are different kinds of flowers that grow there and make the park look even prettier.

Color Theme for The Guild Inn Wedding

As you can see in these pictures, The Guild Inn Estate is painted in a vintage white color and to make it look more exotic, going for an all-white venue décor is a great choice. This not only makes the wedding event look sophisticated but also regal.

You can create a white floral wall, wrap silk and net ties around the railing of the stairs, create an arc of fresh white flowers to enhance the estate entrance, and line up some flower vases on walking paths. This will add depth to the attraction The Guild Inn Estate wedding venue has to offer.

Make your wedding day magical and dreamy with this amazing venue and traditional colors.