Cambridge Mill: A classy wedding by the Grand River

A wedding day marks the union of two souls, two hearts, and two families. It is a day where you make beautiful memories of love, laughter, and sadness. Tears of joy and tears of love. A day which is to be curated with perfection. Cambridge Mill is home to traditions of the past fused with a modern blend of the present.

The spacious mill stands on the stunning Water Street North of Cambridge. The whole cabin has wide ceiling-high windows that paint beautiful pictures of the shimmering waters of the Grand River. Furthermore, the venue is home to one of the best scenic locations in town. So, your wedding photography will, no doubt, turn out magical.

Apart from the mesmerizing backdrops, the staff at Cambridge Mill works hard to make your big day special. Because you will remember it till the end of time. At Cambridge Mill your day turns out bespoke to what you dreamed it would look like: Beautiful.

Majestic views of the Grand River

Cambridge Mill features breathtaking views of the Grand River. You can either enjoy the majestic sparkling waters in the chapel through the window walls or you can head out to the hilltop to gaze at the astounding scenery and feel the warmth of the sun falling on your face.

The gentle breeze lightly playing with your veil makes the candids turn out amazing! And this lovely time is even more worth the while when you are together with your better half. These are the moments Origin Weddings strive to capture for the pretty bride and the handsome groom.

Signature Window Wall of Cambridge Mill Weddings

The Cambridge Mill has window walls that feature views of the Grand River draped by the green blanket of nature. Apart from that, the windows allow a good amount of sunlight that lighten up the chapel. The natural lighting is just perfect for your wedding photos.

The sun plays and hides behind the white clouds from time to time witnessing your happily ever after. The waters wink at you as you have found yourself a love that will hold your hand no matter the flaws.

Cambridge Mill Wedding: Cute & Classy

Cambridge Will Weddings are cute yet classy at the same time. The workforce makes every effort to decorate and set up the venue that turns heads. The cute gift boxes are one way to make your loved ones happy and surprised.

Remember to reserve seats for your RSVP people. Cute signs are hung on the seats to make sure the guests can easily find their seating spots without mush hassle.

Additionally, the tables include classy antique silverware and sequin table clothes together with number cards for easy location of seats. And the flower bouquets on every table add a touch of flowery fragrance and freshness.

Furthermore, the seats are decorated with white flowers and vines. Together with the ribbons on the top, they look cute and pretty. Simple yet elegant.

Stairways to an infinite love

Hold the hand of your soulmate and take them to a place in order to capture heartfelt moments just between the two of you. The Cambridge stoned staircase. Yet another beautiful backdrop that you can choose for your wedding photos. The sunlight is just perfect! As you climb up the stairs, your gown tails you effortlessly and your veil looks like a white waterfall flowing down the steps. The pictures, without a doubt, turn out as dreamy as ever.

The Wedding Vows

The chapel has a minimal yet chic setup where the wedding vows take place. Big wooden beams draped in fragrant flowers and white cloth with scenic views from the big window walls is perfect to capture moments just before you become a Mrs. As you make your vows, and the priests says, “You may kiss the bride”, OW camera shutters capture the magic in your stills to be remembered forever.

Cambridge Mill Chapel

The Cambridge Mill Chapel is a blend of tradition adorned with modern minimalism. Neither too extravagant nor too laidback, the décor and design are just right for the day of your dreams.

Wooden aesthetics

The Cambridge Mill Chapel is made of wood and the whole design perfectly complements the traditions of the town. The lacquered interior looks astounding as the sunlight falls in through the vast window. The saturation together with the brightness leads to a best combination for mesmerizing photos of your big day.

Shimmering Chandeliers

Chandeliers have always been and will always be a thing of razzle dazzle. And no wedding venue looks chic without one. Because these elements of grandeur are a symbol of tradition of the past. And Cambridge Mill honors their history and tradition because the chapel has quite some hanging from the wooden roof.

Moreover, the dainty chandeliers and the wooden interior are made for each other. The small crystals shimmer and shine on your big day making it hard not to notice them. A hue of class to your wedding décor.

Cambridge Mill Chef’s Cake

The Cambridge Mill workforce is cordial, and the kitchen team does an amazing job curating the wedding menu. Because not only the food but the cakes are amazing! Choose the type which your palate craves. Select from a spectrum of different flavors. The Chef will not let you down. The presentation together with the colors are a treat both to the eyes and your taste buds.

Cambridge Mill Photos

Finding your Mr./Ms. Destiny is done. You booked a flawless wedding venue. But wedding photography still remains unchecked on your Wedding-to-do list. You need a team of professionals that are sure to make you look as beautiful in your stills as you looked on your wedding day. To capture the smallest moments that skipped your eye. So, when you sit down after your wedding and look at your pictures, you reminisce the very moments you never want to forget.

Let us etch every second of your big day in your life. Because Origin Weddings promises you just this: a wedding album that is magical. OW knows how to value your trust and strives not to let you down. Because your faith is what makes them determined to capture every moment of your love.