Holland Marsh Winery – A Vintage Wedding

Having exquisite wine while celebrating a wedding inside a rustic clubhouse is truly a marvelous dream. Holland Marsh Winery has been providing this experience to its clients for quite some time. Chiefly, if a country and rustic-styled weddings are your forte, then this location is for you! Indulge all your senses at this clubhouse’s vineyard, multiple ponds, fireplaces, and cozy interiors.

The Winery has hosted many weddings on its ground since it started its business. Its located in Ontario, Canada, and has gained a massive following of clients that are lifelong members of its club. It undeniably has a place in everyone’s hearts, thus is the perfect location for hosting a beautiful vineyard wedding. The venue has an exclusive tasting room for clients to drink their wines with friends and family. It’s a bonding experience for everyone present.

The location has stunning views as it is surrounded by a lush garden and its vineyard. And the fireplaces and outdoor bonfires are truly a warm hug in the wintertime! Guests enjoy these facilities a lot at Holland Marsh Winery.

It is exceptionally stunning during the winter time with the snow covering most of the grounds and dried leaves slowly making their way from the trees to the pond. Vanessa and Chris wanted their shoot to relay a story and Origin Weddings did a magnificent job of making that happen!

 Their wedding package is excellent for hosting up to 200 guests with outstanding décor services and bartenders on-call. But perhaps the real allure and charm of this place stand out in the evening time when the clubhouse team lights up candles and string lights all around the venue to bring an end to an enchanting evening.

Strolls in the garden of Holland Marsh Winery

The wide grounds at the Winery are great for group photos as they provide ample space for each person to be in the frame. Vanessa and Chris wanted their shoot to take place during the sunset and right before the reception dinner. It was a perfect time to gather the groomsmen and bridesmaids for the wedding group pictures. They turned out stunning with the warm orange hues from the sunlight.

The couple had their pictures taken on these grounds as well, with the beautiful setting sun as a background to their pictures.

A Movie like fantasy

Vanessa and Chris’s wedding day was a movie-like fantasy that came true at Holland Marsh Winery Weddings. Their special day started with a bright wedding ceremony at the club’s main entrance room. This room had wide windows and high ceilings to let the natural light take over the space.

The floors and walls here were quite minimally decorated but that was perfect for this wedding as it made for a clean look that complimented the bride’s dress and the rest of the day’s events.

The altar was beautifully decorated with white flowers and wooden barrels on the side to create the rustic theme seen throughout the event.

The couple made their way to the grounds outside and decided to have their photoshoots on the fields and the mini-bridge overlooking the wide pond at the location. They wanted their shoot to tell a story and it did just that.

These shots were remarkable as they accurately captured the different colors and textures of this location. The trees in the background were reflected onto the pond and it made for a sensational photoshoot. Every picture here turned out spectacular, to say the least!

Rustic and Country-themed interiors at Holland Marsh Winery

The interior of the Winery mainly consists of wood paneling and high ceilings with many sharp staircases cutting through the open space. The whole look of the room was angular with a perfect amount of open space to conduct the wedding ceremony. The décor team hung string lights from the ceilings and these were even more profound during the evening dinner.

As soon as the ceremonies and photoshoots were conducted, lunch was served in their dining hall during the sunset. The warm light coming through the open windows was quite magical. It was a beautiful area to host the luncheon with both sides of the family. The team did a fantastic job of incorporating the rustic and clean theme of the wedding into the table settings. They designed the chair to be very elegant and the fresh flowers on each table were the perfect final touch!

Pure Joy and Wine

As this location is a Winery and has its vineyard at its location, they served supreme wines at the event. This part of the event was unique and memorable for the guests. The couple started by tasting the drinks first and the guests then indulged too.

Cozy Evenings

The evening started with an elaborate reception dinner party inside the building. But once the guests had sufficiently eaten, they headed out into the cool winter air and fired up the outdoor fireplace at the location. Vanessa and Chris toasted the s’mores together for everyone to enjoy. It was an essential winter-time activity. The chilly air and toasty smell of marshmallows and a wood fire made this a cozy evening to remember.

The couple took their photos at the entrance of the clubhouse during the evening time with string lights and candles lit in the background. It was a fairy-tale-like setting for these wedding photographs. Vanessa and Chris loved the result! It was a stunning way to end the festivities of the day together. And the young couple was enthralled by the fascinating photographs taken at Holland Marsh Winery.

Breath-taking photographs from Holland Marsh Winery