Casa Loma: A Grand Castle Wedding Venue

Have you ever dreamt of having a fairytale wedding in a grand castle? Packed with history and culture, Casa Loma is a museum-style castle perfect for your wedding. Standing between 5 acres of lush green fields, Casa Loma, a wedding venue in Toronto, is the epitome of perfection with its amazing infrastructure and design.

It is perfect for weddings in all seasons and creates such a sophisticated vibe that it leaves everyone gushing!

Features of Casa Loma

The Grand Casa Loma Library

The glorious library of Casa Loma is original and absolutely picturesque. The scent of the fresh books and the crispness of the old ones definitely adds a great deal of joy and pleasure to the beauty of Casa Loma, Toronto. The enhanced colors of all the books and wooden frames combined serve as a great backdrop.

It makes your wedding event more memorable with a refined experience and pictures worth swooning over!

The Casa Loma Library is well-maintained and has such a vintage touch to it that it reminds us of the infamous library from the movie ‘Beauty and The Beast.’ With the lanterns, wooden showcases, impressive window designs, polished wooden floor, and a huge chandelier in the middle, it is SIMPLY MAGICAL!

The Conservatory:

Just like a greenhouse, the conservatory of Casa Loma has a sky roof and an impressive ceiling length. It is completely made of glass with white pillars to support the little wall space. Daytime weddings, especially, look so magnificent as the sunlight pours through the glass windows and roof, making the scenery appear breathtaking.

The conservatory is also full of greenery in the form of plants and decorations. The entire setting is pure white with checkered tiles and a touch of gold, here and there.

The Glass Pavilion:

The glass pavilion is a square-shaped grand room that is perfect for an after-party. You can dance the night away in this entertainment-packed pavilion, made of glass. Sparkling chandeliers are hanging from the glass ceiling along with some silk draperies, keeping it minimal yet aesthetic. And, the night sky filled with stars and the moon makes the experience worthwhile.

You can gather your guests here for the reception dinner as well. The tables that surround the dance floor are decorated beautifully with candelabras and fresh flowers. Such an exotic venue overlooking the mountains and greenery.

The Grand Entrance:

The exterior of Casa Loma Toronto is breathtaking with its vintage white look. The castle stands tall with big windows and white pillars surrounding its corners. It’s another amazing place to click your wedding pictures at.

It gives off such a homey vibe as if you have traveled back in old times, on a horse carriage. It also has a rock pavement leading towards the entrance with a black railing on it and when the snow falls in the winter season, it looks picturesque.

Also, there’s a huge patio with clay flower pots decorating it and lanterns attached to the pillars at the front. The Casa Loma wedding experience is one to remember, indeed!

The Great Hall

This is where the beauty of Casa Loma actually starts from. This hall is furnished with beautiful chairs and sofas in the center with tall, 40 feet, windows around it in a circular shape. The height of the hall itself is 60 feet with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and antique lantern lights drilled into the walls. The windows covered with draperies are creating a mysterious yet beautiful look.

This is a great place to take your wedding pictures, especially with your spouse, as its interior is one of a kind. Rich wood has been thoroughly used for the floor as well as the walls and the ceiling. It goes very well with the white, plain walls of this castle.

The Interior

One of the most special features of Casa Loma is its interior; not just for the wedding and reception but entirely. From the inside, it looks like a vintage blend of a hotel and a house. There are long passageways with paintings hanging on the walls on either side and a beautiful foyer with a nicely furnished lobby.

The interior of the room is kind of like what we see in movies but even more breathtaking. Every single aspect of this gigantic castle will make you want to stop and stare. The walls have beautiful sheets and Victorian windows with hints of gold accents and white tones spread throughout the room.

This castle treats its guests like royalty with all the facilities available including the special Casa Loma Restaurant where you can get a variety of amazing dishes made with precision and great care.

Wedding Photography Inspirations in Casa Loma

This castle is so huge that you have a lot of exotic sceneries that you can capture in your photos and also use as a natural backdrop. Wedding photoshoots can be made even more appealing and aesthetic in Casa Loma, Toronto.

For instance, they have a huge fountain on their outdoor grounds surrounded by a grass boundary and a few flower plants. It’s simply perfect!

The dim lighting in the winter creating a warm effect looks absolutely amazing in pictures. If you want to get your portraits done indoors, you can have access to the library, pose for a couple of gorgeous photos in the corridors, and take a walk outside in the snow-covered garden. Origin Weddings covered this beautiful wedding event and the pictures turned out to be simply awesome!

 Service & Facilities at Casa Loma

Casa Loma, over the years, has become a great source of tourist attraction. It is so not only because of its beauty but also because of its hospitality and services. The staff is well-trained with kind manners and other etiquette. The castle is huge but quite easy to navigate with the help of Casa Loma staff.

In addition to this, they have a gift shop inside where you can get unique souvenirs for yourself as well as for your guests. For wedding reception dinners, you can get customized gifts and printing facilities. If you want, you can get your wedding favors made from here. Engrave something special on them, say the name of the guests or the date of your wedding and your name.