The Royal Ambassador – Truly a Dream

The Royal Ambassador Event Centre’s Facilities

If you are planning to tie the knot this season, and are looking for amazing venues with the right amount of aesthetics, then The Royal Ambassador event centre offers unique and exotic locations for your wedding.

What makes these wedding venues outstanding is their breathtaking sceneries and perfect-for-every-season look!

Have a look at how magnificent these outdoor locations are with a touch of Royalty to them.

Lakeside Gazebos:

No matter whatever season you choose for your big day, what’s a must in The Royal Ambassador Weddings is the beautiful terrace gazebo. How dreamy and glorious it looks, especially in the outdoors, and you can accessorize it with the season’s flowers!

Using fresh florals for the pillars and railings is one of the best ways to enhance its vintage style of it as well as bring out its beauty with all the natural elements. And with the sea view in the back, it looks all the more enchanting.

Garden Fields for Photoshoots:

There is absolutely nothing better than clicking pictures in the bright sunlight and an abundance of greenery in the background. The Royal Ambassador event centre has an enormous green field packed with tall trees and a beautiful pathway carved out on the sides of it.

It is filled with a variety of garden-fresh flowers that are simply swoon-worthy. The sunlight reflecting on fresh green grass in summers and the snow-covered ground matching the winter clouds, both, make up for an exceptionally amazing location.

Everything is vivid in these beautifully captured wedding photos. You can capture your most happy, candid, and overwhelming emotions in this natural setting.

Ceremony Setting:

For the ceremony setting of your wedding, The Royal Ambassador caters to all your needs and lets you customize the wedding venue however you like. You can decorate the gazebos with the matching color tone of your wedding and place a sweetheart table inside it. And for the guests, make two separate columns of chairs on each side and leave the centre pathway open for the bride and groom.

Because these venues are already so scenic, you do not have to worry about the décor.

Greenhouse & Terrace Gazebos for Reception Dinner:

The outdoor weddings at The Royal Ambassador event centre are a perfect combination of luxury, royalty, and nature. How? Well, they offer excellent options for every event of your wedding.

To make things more exciting and memorable for your guests, you can have a gazebo set up by the terrace for your family. Or set up a buffet table by the terrace and organize dinner tables inside a greenhouse. Imagine how awesome it is to get everything in one place!

Between the Books and the Dance Floor:

Each and every place inside The Royal Ambassador wedding event centre is truly the definition of unique. This amazing library decorated with numerous painting frames and dim lights is a perfect place to cozy up.

It creates such a warm and welcoming order with its pleasant quietness. There is a wooden dance floor place in the middle of the room with dinner tables surrounding it. Wedding couples can also use it as a place to have drinks and dance the night away after the ceremony is over

The Royal Ambassador Exotic Locations: A Treat for the Guests:

Whether you are planning to have an intimate gathering or a grand and luxurious wedding, The Royal Ambassador is the perfect choice for your wedding day!

You may wonder that there are other locations and event centres that offer various amenities. So, what makes The Royal Ambassador stand out?

Well, for starters, this place is a treat not only for the couple but also for the guests. Besides being a splendid wedding venue, this place has so much to offer that it can capture anyone’s attention within the blink of an eye.

You and your guests can enjoy the sea view, the royal Ambassador’s gardens, a beautiful gazebo in any of your preferred places, sway to the rhythm in the library, taste the most deliciously royal cuisine in the consulate restaurant, and light up your wedding reception in the gorgeous greenhouse. A whole package filled with magical details!

The Royal Ambassador Wedding Interior Ideas:

All the beauty of this place lies within the royal details etched in the interior. From the Royal interior of the conservatory to the vintage style of the outdoor gazebos, every thing speaks for itself.

At the Royal Ambassador event centre, you can show to be as extravagant and as minimal as you desire. Couples often choose to incorporate natural and floral elements in their wedding venue to create an extraordinary effect.

Each and every room here is designed in a way that it can be molded into any style without losing its original charm. Take a look at these wedding pictures by Origin Weddings that reflects old-time romance and aesthetics in these beautifully contrasting tones of the royal interior.

Tints and Tones of The Royal Ambassador Event Centre:

For any of your wedding color themes, you can book The Royal Ambassador. And you also don’t have to worry about going out of essence. This is because this place offers a huge collection of venues and styles according to your core theme.

Whether you choose lighter shades or pick the deep and dark tones for your wedding, they have it covered. These venues can transform into the style of your choice. Even the darkest shades can be subdued by adding lighter tones to the scenery and décor.

To get a better sense of the venue, the couples are advise to visit the venue prior to their wedding. This is done for a thorough and detailed exploration. This way, you can brainstorm some ideas and even welcome our suggestions to make your big day a memorable experience!