Donalda Club – Experience The Antique Luxury

Ever wanted a wedding ceremony on a meadow field? If yes, then Donalda Club is the answer for you. This golf club has expansive and well-maintained grounds that are perfect for an uncovered outdoor wedding. The scenery of this area is exceptional with the Mansion in the background. The spectacular dining rooms and chandeliers are all rustic-themed, creating a unique atmosphere of luxury and antiquity.

Donalda Club is located in North York, Toronto, and is famous for its indoor and outdoor weddings. The overall theme that the club encompasses in all of its events is a refined rustic concept. This venue has open fields and ballrooms for hosting great reception dinners and ceremonies. The catering here is exceptional as it offers vegan and vegetarian options for guests in their buffet dinners. In addition to the food, they also have cocktail receptions and family-style buffet dinners. As it is a luxurious venue, guest can choose their drinks from a selection of house beers, liquors, and wine.

The facilities at this club are remarkable because they have the latest sound system technologies and elaborate dance floors with indoor heating and cooling mechanisms. It is perfect for grand weddings as the wedding halls can hold up to 200 people.

Ariana and Julian decided to have a semi-intimate family-style wedding that revolved around the decor present at the location. The rustic furniture complemented the bride and groom’s attires and made the theme even more apparent. Their wedding day was quite a memorable one, from the couple’s dances to setting fire-crackers all over the wedding grounds for an exotic photoshoot. Origin Weddings did a great job of capturing these stunning moments to create a well-rounded collection of pictures for the bride and groom.

An Open-air wedding ceremony

Uncovered weddings outdoors are perfect for a sunny and light-hearted event. The meadows at Donalda Club are large enough to hold many guests. And the open sky above makes these moments quite memorable for the young couple.

The formal garden was decorated with white wooden chairs and garlands of flowers surrounding each of them. And the entire set-up was completely symmetrical and diligently adjusted by the team at Donalda Club.

The baby blue sky and orange autumn trees in the background paint a marvelous picture. The groom and bride share this newly found happiness in the open air surrounded by the people they care about the most. It is the perfect way to go about an outdoor wedding at Donalda Club.

The couple hired a live-music service that played the violin and completed the entirety of the grandeur that this wedding ceremony encompassed. The music seemed to stop time at this point and this made the guests savor every sweet moment surrounded by the open sky and loved ones all around.

Autumn Trees at Donalda Club

Donalda Club is undoubtedly a stunning sight all year round but is especially remarkable in the Autumn season. Many couples choose this location to take advantage of the season’s blessings upon the beautiful trees in the meadow. Their orange and red colored leaves make the wedding ceremony even more fantastical!

The autumn trees contrasted quite well with the colors the guests and groomsmen wore at the ceremony too. Moreover, live music is played to make the atmosphere of the wedding even more grand and majestic. And the open space all around adds peace and calmness to the usually stressful wedding ceremony.

Ballrooms galore

The club is known for its large-sized dining halls that can be used as massive and regal-looking ballrooms by the clients and guests. Ariana and Julian shared their first dance on the stunning marble floors. The camera captured the true magic and spark of this moment.

This truly felt like something out of a fairytale storybook, as the newly married couple swept the attention and glimmer of the room towards themselves.

Additionally, the dance floors are also quite expansive so they can host many people on it.

Rustic and Regal

The central theme that is followed throughout the club is rustic with a touch of modern and contemporary interior design. And the dining halls and foyer are majestic in all their beauty. The architecture of the club building itself shows up illustriously well in the photographs taken in front of it.

And apart from the architecture of this venue, the time and effort the Donalda Club team puts into the wedding preparations are fantastic as they pay heed to the slightest details and aspects of the event that need adjusting.

The guest tables are meticulously covered with fresh white linens and regal-looking cutlery alongside small candle holders and green leaves and flowers as small embellishments.

Above all, the rooms at the club have antique chandeliers that completely transport guests into a different period of time when they step into the building. The reverse play on the clock adds a whimsical yet regal touch to the entire wedding event.

The wide windows in every room at the club let in natural light and have a calming effect on the people there. And these touches significantly make the location majestic and captivating in pictures.

Light up the night sky!

Ariana and Julian decided to have magnificent fireworks show at the Donalda Club front garden in the evening time. The moonlight and dark sky above made the scene all the more magical and dreamlike. It was truly a fantasy to experience. The couple’s photographs under the bright moon with the fireworks turned out spectacular. These special moments need to be celebrated with the World, and what better way to do it than by lighting up the sky to pronounce your newfound love!

Precious moments at Donalda Club Wedding