1 Hotel Toronto – A City Scape Wedding

Imagine dancing with your partner on a rooftop overlooking the city. From the stunning city views to the extravagant and luxurious dining experiences; this location is perfect for a grand wedding.

You will find Hotel Toronto situated in the middle of the City and surrounded by high-rise buildings, with a small park in the distance. Hotel weddings are nothing short of a luxurious experience for everyone at the event. The venue has hosted several elaborate reception dinners, engagement parties, and corporate events. The cityscape serves as the perfect background for these epic shots.

The dining hall is a small and intricately decorated room. However, the food was spectacular and it was promptly served as a buffet-style dinner. The guest fills in their plates and move to the main hall where the tables and dance floor are present. The Origin Wedding photography team made the most of these picturesque spots at Hotel Toronto and the wedding photographs for Amber and William were simply sensational. The scenic buildings and city lights in the distance created a fantastic and fun photoshoot.

First looks on a rooftop

The young couple decided to have their ‘first looks’ on the Hotel Toronto Rooftop. The perfect city view and high-rise buildings around them added to the beauty of this experience. It is quite a grand moment to share it almost makes the couple feel like they are on top of the world, just them together.

Hotel Toronto’s rooftop was used for their ‘first looks’ and an epic couple’s shoot. Consequently, the pictures turned out spectacular, to say the least. And the shining bright city lights paired wonderfully with the evening sky.

Spectacular city views

A beautiful view at a wedding is what most people remember from the event many years down the line. City weddings have been gaining more popularity as hotels become more equipped to manage the wedding festivities whilst keeping an air of luxury in the midst.

The couple wanted a lively and vibrant-looking photoshoot to be done on the rooftop and the sidewalks surrounding the venue. The ‘first looks’ were held on the balcony. The bright lights over the purple evening sky with the building in the foreground made these pictures stand out the most.

The couple’s pictures on the sidewalks added to the “dream city wedding” look of the event. The cars passing by and the tall buildings in the back made it a very memorable photo shoot for the young couple.

A luxurious indoor buffet

Hotel Toronto has caterers and head chefs that are some of the best in the city. The buffet is hosted by the hotel inside their dining room. They serve foods like French cuisine and Continental dinners. The contemporary furniture of the dining halls creates a modern look for the wedding reception and truly makes it feel like you’re dining at a restaurant in the city.

The décor team at Hotel Toronto did an exceptional job of making the tables look spectacular and fun. They added beautiful multi-colored flowers and color-matched napkins. The clients wanted a lively and light-hearted wedding and the team at the hotel perfectly delivered just that!

Big dance floors at Hotel Toronto

The transition from the exquisite food of the event to the dance part of the evening is everybody’s favorite. The advanced sound system in the dining hall is great for playing the best music for the special occasion.

The couple’s first dance together is one to cherish and remember and the beautiful décor set-up adds to this experience.

And ending any night with a group dance is the perfect way to bring a close to the wedding event. It brings family and friends together and the sound of music lights up the room with laughter and joy.

Wide windows

The wide windows found in the dining halls and the bridal room are great for adding natural light to wedding photographs. The photos turned out amazing and had a soft element to them with this addition.

The Hotel Toronto Wedding Experience

The entire wedding experience at Hotel Toronto is one to marvel at. This venue is in the liveliest part of Toronto because of the constant bright lights from skyscrapers shining through the hotel windows. For that reason, it is the perfect cityscape location!

The hotel is ideal for hosting a fun and memorable wedding that will go down in history! From the extravagant buffet feasts to the bright city lights seen on the hotel’s beautiful rooftop, this venue is great for making memories with loved ones.

Memorable moments at Hotel Toronto