How Much Are Wedding Photography Packages?

Months of planning and dreaming for your fairytale wedding, and of course, budgeting, it’s now time to narrow down the best photography packages. Wedding photographs are a necessary investment because they are the one thing that ensures your big day is captured right. But mind that reliable and talented wedding photographers don’t come cheap and it all comes down to experience, location and demand.

What To Expect When It Comes To A Wedding Photographer’s Pricing

In the U.S., wedding prices may vary from $1,000 to $10,000 or higher but it all depends on how experienced the photographer is. A student will charge somewhere in between $500-$1500 while a semi-pro will charge a fee of $1000-$2500. A professional being at $3500 and upwards. Photographers would most likely spend 6-12 hours at your wedding but there are a few things that will affect the pricing:

Your budget: Get ready to have an average of 10-15% of your wedding budget set aside. But that’s just basic, if you want to get more creative you will need to splurge more.

Wedding Photography Packages

Packages: It all comes down to packages and what they include. How many images you will be getting? Will there be only soft copies or prints? Does it include an album? Will you get digitally manipulated pictures or well-edited ones?

Photos of your choice/ prints: You can choose many wedding style photos that will be portraying your personality and the event and it all takes a different level of professionalism to achieve these styles, so the charges will differ. There is vintage style, then traditional style, and a vogue cover style that can be achieved with professionalism.

Travel Distance: You may have to pay per mile for the photographer if they are traveling a long distance for you or you are having a destination wedding.

How Much Are Wedding Photography Packages

Just for an idea, here are some basic photography packages:

Package 1: $1800-$2000

  1. Photography coverage for 6 hours
  2. Minimum of 100 fine art photos
  3. Professional edits of USB high-resolution files
  4. Online private gallery for sharing pictures
  5. Copyrights for photos
  6. One photographer

Package 2: Per day + professional editing $2000-$2500

  1. Correction for basic photos
  2. Deep retouching of portrait
  3. Creative retouching of photos
  4. Design of album
  5. Culling of photos

Remember, your wedding only happens once, getting your big day covered by a professional photographer can be worth it as it can take the experience to a whole new level. Since we are already on the topic, check us out at, we would be honoured to capture your big day so the memories last forever.