How Much Is Wedding Videography?

If you are on the edge of hiring a wedding videographer you might be assessing the pros and cons. You are probably thinking about whether it is worth it to hire a videographer. Videographers are all about capturing your day in such a way that your gorgeous stills cannot. From capturing your sweet moment to the touching sound bites, it requires expertise and a-lot of time & skill. One of the many reasons videography might cost you slightly more than a simple photography session.

The average cost of a wedding videographer in the U.S based on an internal study last year, 27000 couples who got married in the year 2020, the average videography cost them about $1800. Most couples spend between $1000- $2500.  It’s a worthy expense if you want to relive your wedding day moments. Millennials were more likely to hire a pro to film their grand day as per 2019 data as it is more of a generational trend.

What Impacts a Wedding Videographer’s Prices?

Time – Most of the packages include the amount of time that your video pro will spend at your wedding. The more time he or she spends on the location the more you will be paying. If you want your other events covered as well, like your rehearsal dinner that will add more to your cost.

Staffing – If your videographer brings an assistant or a second shooter with them, then it’s more likely that the prices will increase.

Editing and the final product – Pricing also depends on the type of video you want. Whether you want an edited wedding video (a highlight reel and an edited wedding film) or short edited clips along with them for your social media.

Travel – If your videographer is coming from far away, he/ she will likely charge more. You will be paying for his or her gas mileage, hotel, airfare, etc.

Skill – Depending on the skillset of the company and videographer, this will drastically raise prices. It’s like they say, you get what you pay for.

What’s Included In Wedding Videography Costs?

You can expect six to ten hours of coverage, additional time can cost as much as $200 – $500 per half hour.  All the key moments are generally included. Couple getting ready, arriving at the ceremony, capturing the candid moment during the cocktail hour, the couple’s reception entrances, dances, and speeches. The costs also include all the gears and equipment the videographer is bringing with them.

Videography can be an added expense but one that is worth it. Since we are already on the topic, make sure to check us out at . It would be an honor to capture your big day so the memories can last forever. We only accept 100 weddings per year as we have a very specialized team of shooters. Talk to one of our lead coordinators today for a customized quote.