What Are Anniversary Receptions & How To Plan One

Due to COVID19, many couples went for elopements or super intimate weddings. No one got to throw a grand reception and to make up for that, anniversary receptions are going to be huge in 2021 and going forward. Before 2021, first-year anniversaries were kept low-key and not considered to be worth hyping about. However, be ready to see anniversary receptions happening this year as couples go all out and throw one big, party! Even though the guest list may still be limited, but a super cool and grand celebration is to be expected.


What Happens at the Anniversary Reception? 

Anniversary Receptions

An anniversary reception will follow all the activities you would see at a normal, after ceremony reception. Expect to see the first dance, cake cutting, the toasts and more at this special celebration. 

Is it Necessary to Have an Anniversary Reception?

No one can answer this question better than you, so just sit down with your significant other and have a little chat. There is no need to get sucked into the wedding trends. If you feel your big day was not celebrated the way you wanted it, an anniversary reception is just what you need. 

Anniversary Receptions

Who Throws the Anniversary Reception? 

It is most likely that the couples will host the reception since it is their own anniversary celebration. However, parents can get involved too if they like. 

Who to Invite on Your Wedding Reception?

Anyone you would have invited to your normal wedding reception should get an invite for your anniversary reception. However, try to keep the COVID19 precautions in mind where you live. You don’t have to throw a super grand party, as long as you are surrounded by your loved ones, you’ll have a great time. 

Should You Send Formal Invitations?

Yes, formal invitations are needed! Even a simple e-invite would do. Also make sure to include all the event details like you normally would. 

Anniversary Receptions

How to Throw an Anniversary Reception?

Throwing an anniversary reception is similar to throwing a normal one, but here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Create a vision
  • Set a budget
  • Pick a date
  • Put together a team or hire a planner
  • Decide the theme and other similar details
  • Pick your outfit! (you can play around with fun colors for this celebration)
  • Have fun! 

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