How To Have The Perfect Backyard Wedding

There’s so much to love about a backyard wedding, and with the current pandemic, it is a smart idea to host a small, intimate wedding in the comfort of your home. We may recommend a backyard wedding but that doesn’t mean your special day will be boring. There are so many fun and creative possibilities for a backyard wedding and today, we’ll be sharing some of our favorite ones with you:

Backyard Wedding

Prep It

You’ll need to make a few changes to your backyard a couple of weeks before the wedding. Plant your garden with lots of flowers, keeping in mind what season your wedding is going to be in. However, before you get down with the gardening work, make sure you have a rough plan on the layout of everything so there are no unexpected surprises last minute.


Tents Are Important

You don’t have to cover the entire area with a tent, but having a few tented corners is a smart idea for many reasons. Not only will a tent act as plan B for bad weather, but also provide your guests with some shelter from the sun or a light breeze.

Backyard Wedding

Keep It Formal

A lot of guests think it’s going to be a casual affair when you say it’s a backyard wedding. Don’t let them get confused; send out proper invitations and include a dress code.

Bridal Party

Don’t Forget About Parking Space

A lot of couples having a backyard wedding forget to consider parking space. Your street probably isn’t big enough, so think of this beforehand. Let your guests know in the invitation where they should leave their cars.

Parking Sign

Elevate the Entrance

We recommend you go for a grand entrance for your backyard wedding. A designated entrance puts up a good first impression and brings everything together.

Backyard Wedding

Light It Up

Since the wedding is outdoor, make sure to light it up properly. Candles, string lights, lamps; there are endless possibilities.

Backyard Wedding Lights

Add a Personal Touch

Since it’s your wedding, make sure to add a few personal touches here and there. Go for intimate details that you can only do in a backyard wedding, such as hanging polaroids from the trees.


Separate It

Make sure you create different zones or areas in your backyard. This can include a bar area, dessert bar, casual seating area, or even a little corner for some wedding activities.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Bring the Bar Outside

Self-serve beverages? Yes please! Stock up your bar cart and let your guests have as many drinks as they want!

Cute Drink Ideas

At the end of the day, don’t forget to have fun and make memories with your loved ones. Also, if you need a wedding photographer or videographer in canada, make sure to check us out at

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