Eagles Nest Golf: What To Expect

Whether you go to this club for the golf or the spectacular weddings, this location is hard to miss. It offers a beautiful lush green landscape that serves for the most-perfect wedding shoots and ceremony dinner location. Eagles Nest Golf is the perfect choice as it is located on a breathtaking hilly side of Canada that has small lakes and vibrant greeneries that are perfect for your big day!

It has many wedding packages ranging from small and intimate gatherings to grand wedding receptions and dinners. Guests can choose from a number of dining halls for their ceremonies and reception dinners.

The photo gallery of Stephanie and Josh’s wedding has managed to capture the wedding festivities while preserving the beauty of this place.

The Perfect Hill-side Wedding!

This landscape has the most photogenic spots for couples’ photographs and includes large and posh dining halls for hosting reception dinners. It has the necessary amenities, like dressing rooms, for the bride and groom’s families. Eagles Nest Golf Club is the perfect venue for scenic and contemporary-styled weddings that will hold a memorable place in your heart for eternity.

Green Sceneries at Eagles Nest Golf Club

It would be a lie to say that natural-light-incorporated photoshoots are old-fashioned as the ones taken at Eagles Nest Golf are breathtakingly beautiful, to say the least. Couples can take scenic photos on the lush hills found at this venue. The golden hour sunlight here provides the perfect lighting conditions for professional photography and memorable photo album pictures. Origin Weddings incorporated these elements into their wedding photography for the event and the pictures turned out to be simply stunning!

Guests of the club describe these hills as something out of a dream music video and that too is an understatement. The green hills and clear open sky are the essentials for the most unique and memorable wedding shoots. Gather your friends and family for pictures in these epic spots!

 Gorgeous Balconies 

Wedding preparations can tense up the room but a wide-open balcony will not let that energy wear you down. The natural light entering the bridal chamber is the perfect de-stressor before the grand occasion. Sunlight pouring into the room adds magic and calmness to the young bride’s mind. The wide balconies also serve as beautiful spots for photographs, letting the camera capture the wide sky and lush hills behind the photo subject.

Hills to Heaven

Relish and bathe in the sun’s rays with your loved ones on these dense hills by the lakeside. Why not take some grand-looking wedding photos in this spectacular and verdant area? The light breeze and sunlight make this landscape a spot to reminisce over in the future.

Couples can even choose to host their wedding ceremonies on the hills instead of beside the club’s building. They can indeed manage to replicate the same experience on their golf course for you to enjoy!

Walk up these hills with your loved one and take in the most picturesque blue sky. Simple strolls along these paths make for a refreshing start to the day! The couples can also host open-air wedding ceremonies with a view of Eagle Nest Golf Club’s multiple lakes and ponds along the hills.

Immaculate Catering

Eagles Nest Golf Club has colossal dining and reception halls for weddings that have a pristine atmosphere for hosting first dances with the newlywed’s family and friends. Dancing your way through the night is the mint thing to do after a delicious dinner served by the caterers of Eagles Nest Golf Club.

The Banquet Hall hosts most Reception dinners and has a diverse menu to choose from. The club offers dessert platters, family-style catering, extravagant buffets, wine tasting, and cocktail receptions.

Share these moments with your loved one and let the sweet sound of music envelope your mind. These parts of the night are what most couples remember from their wedding day. So don’t let it be any less than flawless!

Outdoor Ceremonies for the Win!

Gone are the days when traditional indoor weddings were the only option, as outdoor weddings in scenic areas are all the rage these days. Eagles Nest Golf Club has golf courses with optimum greenery that are ideal for uncovered outdoor wedding ceremonies.

Whether you host lunches under the open sky, engagement parties, or wedding ceremonies, this wide golf course is ideal for such grand occasions.

Eagles Nest lets you carefully choose the color palette for the ceremony. They incorporate all sorts of flowers, linens, and tablecloths to match the theme perfectly.

White and pink roses seem to be the theme of choice for many couples. You can choose any color of flowers you want. The club decorates these flowers by wrapping garlands of roses along the staircase that leads down to the ceremony grounds. They also incorporate flowers in the wedding’s design, such as on the serving plates and in the Bridal room.

A Luxurious Experience to Remember

Eagles Nest Golf Club has hosted multiple wedding ceremonies, extravagant dinner parties, receptions, and bridal showers. Thus, it is safe to say that they know how to host them to your liking. The club offers up to 6 rooms that can be used by wedding guests and families for photoshoots and dances.

The large banquet hall is kept in pristine condition for hosting exclusive reception dinners with their in-house caterers. They have exquisite buffets, cocktail receptions, and elegantly set-up tables and cutlery with many color themes to pick from.

A Wedding at Eagles Nest Golf lets you enjoy the lush golf courses and dinners at their dining halls. Celebrate special occasions with wonderful food and wine under the open blue sky!

Eagle Nest Golf Club: Magical Moments Caught on Camera