Kortright Centre – A Woodland Wedding

A cozy autumn wedding in the forest is what Kortright Centre Weddings offers best. The woody interiors and the natural sceneries around the venue are a sight to marvel at! Beautiful forest and autumn trees surround the main building, due to the autumn weather. And the Kortright Centre itself is the perfect wedding destination for a warm and memorable night with family and friends.

The Kortright Centre is famous for hosting memorable wedding ceremonies and receptions under the night sky full of stars. It is located in Woodbridge, Canada, and is upon on large acres of forests in the area. Woodbridge itself is a very scenic location and having a wedding there is truly a dream come to life. The venue has the option for indoor and outdoor weddings. Origin Weddings did a great job of capturing the beauty of this location, whilst telling a story through their photographs at the wedding.

The interior found inside the center is a mix of contemporary designs with an old-school cottage look. They can host many types of social gatherings like corporate events, wedding receptions, wedding ceremonies, dinner parties, and engagement dinners. The venue has 6 areas for hosting events, like its outdoor canopy area and indoor dining halls. Each of these can hold up to 200 guests.

The services provided at the location are splendid, with expert catering and event management. They have great vegetarian and gluten-free options alongside cocktail receptions and many famous cuisines. The Event management team works hard to give clients the best wedding experience. Each hall can be designed to fit into any team the couple desires. Bethany and Jerrod wanted a cozy, indoor, autumn wedding that would leave a lasting impression on the attendees. And this venue sure did!

A Meeting in the Forest

A walk in a woody forest for your wedding photographs is the way to go! And is possible at the Kortright Centre for Conservation.

The couple’s photographs at this outdoor location were beaming with complete delight and laughter in every shot. The natural forest at Woodbridge served as a great spot for pictures together and with family.

The clear open sky behind the trees added a slight airiness and softness to the resulting photos.

The dry autumn leaves falling on the ground with the rustic orange hues from the trees in the background create an enchanting and tantalizing wedding story. Bethany and Jerrod used various props for their photoshoot and these elevated the pictures!

Things to look for at Kortright Centre

The Kortright Centre has been in business for quite some time now and has the experience to make any wedding celebration unique. They host elaborate weddings all year round. Nonetheless, what they are most well-known for are their festive autumn-season weddings.

The venue offers guests a comfortable environment with the necessary amenities available 24/7. The professionally trained staff works hard to make every event a memorable one!

The cozy ambiance makes for a wonderful night at Kortright and the open bonfire helps creates long-lasting memories for all the attendees of the event. The windows make visible the dark forests outside. The autumn leaves and bright sunlight create a spectacular sight for everyone in attendance at the Kortright Centre.

A cozy atmosphere

The atmosphere found in the outdoor and indoor festivities at Kortright is undeniably astounding. It is an experience to behold. The atmosphere of this venue is what guests and clients remember from the occasion many years down the line! While the interiors are personally designed to suit the client’s needs, it does not take away from the ambiance found in the location.

They provide great outdoor activities for weddings, like an open bonfire that was held for Bethany and Jerrod. After indulging in an elaborate dinner, the guest moved to the outdoor garden to warm themselves by the bonfire. They toasted marshmallows above the fire to make delicious s’mores in the chilly weather.

The decor team at Kortright Centre Weddings placed beautifully-lit candles in small glass jars all over the hall. String lights adorned the wood panels on the walls. The guests thoroughly enjoyed the warm atmosphere that the small candle decorations and string lights created.

Timeless décor

The Decorations placed within the halls added a modern twist to the wedding while still keeping the cottage-theme prevalent. They used long feathers and dark-green foliage and placed them in simple wooden buckets all over the floor plan.

String lights were also hung from the ceilings. Subsequently, the open windows made the open space feel warm.

The ceremony chairs were decorated with dark-colored leaves and tied around with simple rope to make the cottage theme more prevalent in the overall design of the wedding ceremony.

Scenic spots and views

The bride and her bridesmaids took advantage of the scenic forest gardens and took quite memorable photos together with the spectacular scenery behind them. The colors of their dresses contrasted quite well with the themes in the background and made for more stimulating and eye-catching photos.

The venue’s indoor hall had wide windows alongside wood panels on the ceiling and walls. The light from the sky alongside the dark woodiness from the panels subsequently made for a beautiful backdrop for Bethany and Jerrod’s photographs.

Lighting the candle

The couple tied the knot by incorporating the candle-lighting tradition into their wedding celebration. It was a very memorable moment for them and their guests.

Beautiful wildflowers and foliage were placed on the table where the candle-lighting was conducted.

The wide glass panels let the guests marvel at the forest found outdoors. And it makes for a great backdrop for family photos!

Highlights from the beautiful wedding