Edge Water Manor: Dream Wedding Destination

When we think of a “dream wedding”, lake-side ceremonies come to mind. This enchanting location, at Edge Water Manor, holds historical significance as it was originally built as a private castle in the 1920s. Over time, the Manor has transformed into a social restaurant and a popular location for wedding ceremonies, anniversary dinners, corporate events, and patio dining with family and friends.

Open-air weddings by the lake are a crowd-pleaser amongst the couples that host their weddings at Edge Water Manor as these are gaining more popularity by the day. Jordan and Eris’s wedding was just that.

The location also has many breathtaking spots that add to the experience of this historical castle. The bright blue lake beside the Manor and the stained-glass windows along with the grand staircase descending to the main entrance of the Manor is what this castle is known for.

The Manor has a stunning terrace that looks onto the lake beside the building. This spot is gorgeous for night-time events. They have five different areas for couples to choose from when deciding on the hall and area to host the wedding ceremonies. These picturesque spots make the wedding photographs captivating and cherishable.

Breath-taking Spots at the Manor

Edgewater Manor weddings are nothing but enchanting because of all the stunning sites on the location. It is situated on the sunny shore of Lake Ontario next to low-rising hills and greenery all around.

The Manor itself has a beautifully detailed old staircase that seems like something out of an old movie. The architecture of the Manor is very reminiscent of the style of interiors found in the English countryside. Many couples who host their weddings at this historical Manor, love and appreciate the photos taken on the grand staircase because of its allure and history. It also has wide and colorful stained-glass windows that add to the overall feel of the location and creates a cozy yet charming atmosphere.

The Manor has four banquet halls that have space to host elaborate dinners and first-couple dances too. Families enjoy the open space so that they can cherish the special occasion with their friends and family. They can also choose to go outside for a stroll after dinner in the halls.

On the Shore of a Lake

Sunsets are everyone’s favorite and are especially beautiful on lakesides. The warm evening sun hitting the lake’s edge is exactly what’s needed for the most enchanting wedding shots. The subtle sounds of the still water on the lake enhance this almost serene experience. Lake-side weddings are gaining popularity because they are ‘close to nature. Couples enjoy the sound of the water alongside the light breeze that can almost be felt in the photographs.

Couples can also take a long walk down the shore together and share this memorable place with their families too. As for the ceremonial decoration outdoors, the staff decorates the guest chairs and the main stage with a precise color theme of the couple’s choosing. They can pick from a wide variety of floral arrangements for their dream sunny outdoor wedding. This area serves as a perfect backdrop for pictures that the couple can look back at and smile at!

The Grand Staircase at Edgewater Manor

This detailed staircase is perfect for walking down the steps with a long white dress. The wide windows beside the staircase add a warm hue to the room and this is beautifully translated into pictures on the Grand Staircase at Edgewater Manor.

Every young bride feels like an absolute royal walking down these stairs. It makes the couples’ pictures incredibly detailed and alluring. It almost feels like stepping into a different timeline in history as you walk down the historical marble steps.

Stained-glass Windows

The stained-glass windows and the dark wood floors at the Edgewater Manor make the venue seem like an enchanting old castle with a contemporary twist. Guests adore the rustic and historical allure of the Manor, and the sun peeking through the grand church-like stained glass enhances this experience for them.

The Dinner hall with stained-glass windows makes guests feel like they are dining at an actual castle by the lake. The menu consists of several fine wines, steaks of choice, seafood, desserts, and an ala carte menu. Whether you decide to visit Edgewater for the steak or the wedding, their culinary expertise is always on point.

Reception Dinners and Dancing

Edgewater personally designs and decorates the Couple’s dais and dinner tables to match the theme of the wedding. White and light-pink roses are a forever favorite for many.

The menu at the Manor consists of fine wines like Malbec, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay. They serve the best steaks and classic French cuisine dishes alongside quality seafood like Lobster Linguine and Scallop Risotto. Moreover, the wedding cake and desserts are decorated with white roses to suit the rest of the event. The brick and stone walls surrounding the dining halls make you feel like you are in a hotel in Europe. These elements translate beautifully in the event’s photography by Origin Weddings.

Edgewater Manor; a Place to Remember

Having a wedding at Edgewater Manor is like an epic dream for couples of all ages. It feeds into the childhood fantasy of living in an old castle along the lake. The Manor’s many facilities blend modern designs with classic European architecture and the result is a dreamy and historical venue that stays in the hearts of every person that visits this old castle by the lake.

Relishing the evening sun with friends and family at Edgewater Manor is the quintessential thing to do for the perfect lakeside wedding.

Some Beautiful Moments Caught on the Camera