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Some say an engagement is a contract before marriage, but it is so much more than that. An engagement is love, its commitment, its joy, its understanding, its commitment to support each other in anger, its patience, its reconciliation, it’s like oatmeal, it sustains you.

Engagement Photographers

What better way to cherish this beautiful memory of love with engagement pictures.

These engagement photos will remind you of the day you decided to marry the love of your life. Engagement pictures will help you cherish this magical moment for the rest of your life and will help in bringing a smile to your face. 

Engagement Photographers

Engagement is something different from marriage, marriage is a contract to spend the lives together, but engagement is the acknowledgement of love. It is the acceptance of choosing the right person for your life, who you care about, and want to spend the rest of your life with them, it is a commitment to share your feelings after a tough day, to share happiness and sorrow together, holding hands and facing the world.


Years after your marriage, your children or maybe your grandchildren might be enjoying the old pictures of yours and you can describe the beauty of this beautiful ceremony with the help of these amazingly captured engagement photos taken by our professional engagement photographers. You spent so much time planning the right time, date and venue for the perfect proposal, to ensure that the moment is magical and filled with love and joy, the engagement photographers will certainly make your event even better with some memorable photographs.

Engagement Photographers 

If you love engagement photos, then you must love engagement videos too. Take a look at one of our favourites engagement/save the date videos:


Make your day the most cherishable in your life with Origin Weddings. We offer both Photo & Video + Photo-booth packages. We will be honored to capture your big day, the special day that will remind you of the true feeling of love and help you smile in your tough times.