Silver Springs Retreat – The Outdoor Retreat Wedding

Having all your loved ones under the same roof to celebrate your special moments is the perfect way to commence this new life with your partner. And the location of this celebration should be spectacular so that you can hold dear memories of your wedding for years to come! What better way to start this new life together if not beside a beautiful lake on the stunning hills located at Silver Springs Retreat.

This location is notorious for its splendid outdoor displays of wedding ceremonies by the lakeside found on its property. Situated in the highlands of Ontario, Canada, it was the perfect ‘summer retreat’ location. It can hold up to 100 guests in an event and have accommodations for the bridal party alongside top-class catering services. Clients can host a range of events like reception dinners, engagement parties, and ceremonies. They also offer indoor and outdoor ceremonies. But the majority of their clients prefer to host their events on their hills by the lake.

The interiors found within the Silver Springs Retreat were country-style mixed with farm aesthetics. Likewise, it also has a certain modern element that distinguishes this location from the rest.

There are many attractive spots to take wedding photographs with friends and family. It has open fields that are perfect for creating a movie-like story. And it has a wide lake that adds to the allure of the venue. The country-style furniture and staircases are great for family photographs. And when the whole venue lights up at night, the experience is quite sensational. Origin Weddings captured these engaging features perfectly for Rahel and Wendy and their families.

A Country-style wedding done right

Looking for a venue that specializes in country-style weddings is quite a challenge and the ones that are present may not satisfy you completely. Silver Springs Retreat was the ideal place for Rahel and Wendy’s ceremony, reception dinner, and engagement photo shoot. The interiors inside the building were a good blend of modern and vintage-style décor. This ensured that their photographs did not look dated in the slightest.

Because this venue is located on top of a hill, it is a place to remember. The open sky and lush meadows make guests feel like they are away from life’s chaos and are simply relishing this nature retreat.

The décor team did a wonderful job of incorporating woody elements into the design of the ceremony. They attached white flowers on wood pieces all over. These can be seen on the ceremony chairs and reception dinner tables. Adding wood and soft colors to match it was great for sticking with the country-style theme. However, to truly appreciate the Indian heritage of Rahel, they also placed vibrant colors throughout the event. The table napkins were dark blues and purples and these blended in well with the rest of the theme.

Sensational Experiences at Silver Springs Retreat

There were many exquisite moments caught on camera at Silver Springs Retreat Wedding. Each is filled with its distinct charms. And these can be seen in the photographs taken at the event.

The special day started with the bridal parties taking their photographs on the staircase found at the Retreat’s entrance. They gathered around the bride and displayed their joy perfectly for the camera. The stairs outside served perfectly for Family pictures.

The bridal party created interesting photo ideas for the shoot by standing on the outdoor staircase at the Retreat.

And once the brides met, they headed off for their couple shoot at the locations meadows. And these pictures were beautiful, to say the least! The warm sunlight added such charm to these photos. For this very reason, both the brides were photographed running in these open fields.

This was quite the country-style wedding experience for both of them. Moreover, the Ceremony took place by the lake and ended with the entire family heading towards the gazebo for the reception dinner. By this time, the sun had already set and the evening festivities were about to begin.

The evening part of the event started with the string lights being lit and the dance floor being used by the guests. The opening dances consisted of the brides’ parents and families. And ended with a captivating couple’s first dance. The view of this scene from a distance was magical and translated beautifully in the photographs.

A Ceremony by the lake

The soft sounds of water and the fresh breeze surrounding the hills are what make this outdoor venue quite spectacular. The couple used the hill as their wedding aisle and exchanged vows under the blossoming trees of Silver Springs Retreat. The team decorated the chairs with white flowers. Moreover, the natural lighting made these shots impeccable.

It was a very joyous moment for both families and they shared it by the lake. The family photographs in this area turned out to be simply stunning. The sunset seen at the lake was a sight to remember for everyone present at the event!

Dancing under the stars

This wedding location was full of photogenic spots for family and couple photographs. The gazebo made for such romantic and alluring pictures of the couple. And the string lights attached to the trees surrounding the area were beautifully lit-up at dinner time. The entire atmosphere was dreamy in the evening but elevated to a vibrant dance party towards the end. The whole family made their way to the dance floor and made memories together under the moonlight.

While the location was stunning on its own, the staff at Silver Springs made the young couple’s wishes come true with their superb décor and catering skills. It was a night to remember for everyone present at Rahel and Wendy’s wedding.

Beautiful memories made at Silver Springs Retreat