Rockport Barn – A Whimsical Wedding

Are you tired of the same-old wedding designs and repetitive themes? Rockport Barn will solve that for you as it is the perfect location for a unique and fantastical-themed wedding. They are known for their beautiful garden weddings, where they decorate the venue with florals that match the theme. It is truly an eccentric and pleasing area with fantastic sights to remember!

The weddings hosted here are a perfect combination of whimsical and eclectic themes coupled with contemporary designs. This thematic location was perfect for an outdoor wedding in Rockport, Canada.

It is quite a historic sight that lets its visitors travel back in time to get a glimpse of the early 1900s in Rockport. The venue provides bridals suites, and accommodations, and provides the set-up services for the sound and light system. It can host up to 100 guests in its two event areas. Moreover, it can host bridal showers, engagement dinners, and wedding ceremonies alongside reception dinners. The services are remarkable alongside excellent catering. But perhaps the ‘cherry on top for most people is the rustic barn.

Rockport’s barn house has been present since 1857. It adds a “vintage look” to the wedding photographs. The shots taken by Origin Weddings turned out to be quite spectacular in this location.

The philosophy of this event venue is quite impressive as it lets clients decide what they prefer to do for their wedding. This creative freedom lets the clients maneuver the overall theme to what they want. And this worked out brilliantly for Jocelyn and Mike. They wanted an old-school and rustic-themed event with hints of uniquely eccentric and almost fairy-tale-like furniture pieces.

A light-blue color palette

The colors seen throughout Mike and Jocelyn’s wedding ceremony were of light blues and purples. The event managers did a great job of incorporating those colors into every aspect of the venue. And the bridesmaids looked great in their matching blue dresses!

White linen sheets covered each table alongside glass bottles with lilac-colored flowers and similar foliage. Metal buckets and glass bottles are seen throughout the event and these add a whimsical and unique style to the wedding.

They even placed old-style buckets at the entry of the wedding ceremony to carry simple floral arrangements that go well with the bridesmaids’ dresses and the theme of the wedding.

First looks in front of the Barn

The groomsmen and bridesmaids played as a team in creating a fun photo shoot for the ‘First look’. The groom stood in front of the barn and his party stood inside the barn, overlooking the view through the window. Light-hearted photographs were taken here. They served as essential memories for everyone there.

The clear blue sky and the rustic barn served wonderfully as backdrops for the couple’s special moment together before the ceremony!

Reasons to pick Rockport Barn for the perfect wedding location

The natural forests surrounded the area that has been present at Rockport for more than 100 years. Hosting your special day at this location was quite a fantasy for the clients. Its charm are found within its many features that set it apart from other places.

The interiors found inside the barn are complementary to any wedding theme that the clients may choose. Mike and Jocelyn wanted a unique and fun wedding day filled with décor pieces that did not quite match but the overall look of the barn made it work out in their favor!

Moreover, this property has many antique furniture pieces that are placed on the walls and ceilings. They add a whimsical look to the venue.

And there are tranquil areas around the garden for taking a quick breather during the event!

Eclectic furniture

The event staff placed vintage-looking dining chairs that did not perfectly match the wooden tables. But that is what made this event interesting and the photos turned out spectacular.

The mismatch of chairs and different wedding themes is what made this an eclectic and unique wedding. They placed string lights all over the outdoor space and these created a very comfortable environment for the guests.

The design team used furniture pieces that did not traditionally go well together. But this created a unique theme for the wedding as the mix-up of these styles created an ever-lasting image for this event location. Appetizers served on wine barrels and hanging wind chimes were seen all over.

A historic barn house

The owners made the building fit for modern use. Furthermore, the renovations look excellent because they give it a modern feel whilst still maintaining its vintage allure.

Clients can pitch in their preferences for the décor. It also comes with a bridal room and accommodation for the family if they decide to stay there.

And it is perfect for getting those group family photographs! Just gather everyone together and stand for a photo in front of this historic barn.

The great granite waterfall surrounds the property. And this truly sets apart Rockport Barn Wedding. And the lush garden and ponds found around the property are great for hosting a fantastic outdoor wedding ceremony.

Cozy spots

The property has hidden gems placed all over the area. Wildflowers and foliage surround the small wooden benches. These elements make Rockport Barn a romantic wedding destination.

So enjoy this beautiful day with the ones you love. Whilst nature surrounds you and your family!

Beautiful moments at Rockport Barn