Milton Banquet Hall: Spectacular Experience

In South Asian culture, vibrant and festive weddings are an all-time favorite. Even though most such weddings were held indoors in the past, the outdoor wedding trend seems to have taken over. Milton Banquet Hall combines the traditional wedding festivities with the allure and beauty of sunny outdoor weddings to create the most beautiful setup for Poonam and Anshul.

The Milton Banquet & Conference Centre, located in Ontario Canada, has been in the wedding business for many years. Whether you want a homey and intimate ceremony or a decked-out dinner, this venue has you covered.

Clients can choose from 4 different rooms at Milton for the Reception dinners. They have a Grand Ballroom which is perfect for hosting lavish dinners and corporate parties with over 400 seats.
If you want a smaller gathering, the Heritage and Milton rooms are perfect as they are decorated very subtly and have a cozy feel. Additionally, they have a Wide Menu catered towards the most common cuisines found in Canada, from Middle-Eastern, Mediterranean, French Cuisine, and South Asian dishes.

This rustic, yet contemporary, building is surrounded by 36 acres of land that has neatly trimmed hedges and freshly cut grass. These large lawns are essential for capturing the true essence of outdoor weddings in the sunshine.

Moreover, the option for classic indoor weddings is also available and the staff at Milton do an excellent job of decorating the Hall to your liking. So, you can celebrate the special occasion with your loved ones at the perfect venue.

Married Under the Sky

Even though many guests of Milton adore their 40-foot ceiling Ballroom, they are starting to appreciate the natural beauty found on the acres of land outside too.

They host uncovered and covered Outdoor events in their lush gardens. But getting married under the open sky needs not sacrifice the class usually associated with Indoor wedding functions.

Milton Halls provides top-notch catering services alongside fresh linen sheets of every color for the tables, gold cutlery for the guests, experienced bartenders, an array of fresh flowers on-site, and the latest technologies for speakers and microphone devices for the Grand event.

The Wedding Ceremony decorations cater to the likes of every couple that gets married there. They can specify their flower preference, such as sunflowers or roses in these photographs, and what they want their set-up to embody. Milton Banquet Halls has hosted many Asian weddings too in the past year and they have learned the traditional ways to bring about the perfect “desi” Indian wedding touch to satisfy the guests.

Milton’s Marvelous Spots

Let the light breeze and warm sun speak for themselves in your wedding photography as you stand with your new partner under the grand trees surrounding the Milton area.

They have wide and spacious open grounds for accommodating a large number of guests. The clients can choose the perfect decorations for the occasion and leave it up to Milton for setting it up in the most elegant way.

The Dining Halls at Milton host up to 200 guests and have fresh tablecloths and decorations for each event. Enjoy some good wine and food while you take in the beautiful scenery at Milton Banquet Hall.

Guests at Milton love their Outdoor wedding set-up and the attention to detail placed upon decorating the trees, tables, and chairs. They decorate the trees with matching candles and colorful fabric to complement the overall theme of the function. Indian weddings are full of life and color and Milton Banquet Hall did just that! The orange blossoms captured in these photos make for the perfect memories for this young couple.

The Open Grounds at Milton Banquet Hall

Milton Banquet sits on acres of neatly tamed land that is optimal for both large and small Wedding ceremonies. They offer many event services on their grounds including, Mehndi functions, Wedding ceremonies, and Engagement parties. They adorn the trees surrounding the area with bright floral arrangements and candles to keep the elegance of a Milton wedding event. Origin Weddings took advantage of the stunning open fields to produce breathtaking photographs of the couple.

Take a stroll down Milton’s gardens with your new partner and let the wedding photographs speak for themselves. These open grounds are also perfect for fitting in the entire “desi” family!

Look into each other’s eyes and smile under the blue sky together. Magical moments like these are truly what make people appreciate the nature and outdoor space around them. The pictures capture the light-heartedness and playfulness of these beautiful moments in the sun perfectly.

Flowers to Match the Occasion

Wild sunflowers and orange blossoms are definitely not a traditional choice, but this couple executed the unique colors beautifully. Milton Banquet Halls allow their guests to pick their preferred floral arrangements for the occasion. These flowers add liveliness and spirit to the entire event. The bright colors incorporated into the wedding décor and the matching florals make for a festive and joyful occasion.

You can feel the sweet floral scent throughout the event pictures. These make for perfect memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Color-coordinated Dining Halls

Milton Banquet has various Dining halls for every occasion. They cater to many cuisines and serve foods like South-Indian dishes, and Family-style dinners. The food is served by professional butlers to enhance the experience.

Long white and ruby-red fabrics adorning the dining hall, complement the young bride’s wedding dress perfectly. The Halls also have state-of-the-art sound equipment and speakers to add the perfect Bollywood twist to the wedding dances. All these different elements together make up for the perfect festive and colorful Indian wedding.

Milton Banquet Hall: Magic Caught on Camera