Roma Hospitality Center – The Epitome of Elegance

‘Elegance’ never goes out of fashion, and Roma Hospitality Center knows that, as they have the best facilities to make up for a sophisticated yet lively experience. The open grounds and lakes alongside graceful indoor halls create an inescapable atmosphere for the senses. The photographers translated these elements into the perfect shoot.

Likewise, it was marvelous, to say the least with the grand-looking décor paired with the neutral colors. It created a classic and elegant wedding shoot that was effortlessly captured by the Camera crew at Origin Weddings.

Roma’s Hospitality Center is located in Mississauga, Canada. It was voted the Best event location in the city for the past 12 years. Their clients feel at home there with the excellent services alongside friendly staff. Their philosophy in hosting events is to pay close attention to details that will truly bring out the beauty and grace of the function. The intricate details in their décor amplify the photographs taken at the location.

The venue has expansive gardens for couples to take breathtaking pictures. And the sight of the wooden bridge makes every couple stand in awe as its ethereal look is simply perfect.

The entire atmosphere of the venue is light, airy, and luxurious. Couples love to make the most of this for their wedding photographs. Presently clients can easily make alterations and add in their requests for the décor of their wedding. The open grounds at the location have stunning sights of oak trees, lakes, and small wooden bridges for the couple to stand on.

The Great Outdoors

Take a walk through the gardens at Roma Hospitality Center with your partner to make the most incredible candid shots. The natural light basking the bride’s dress alongside the greenery of the grounds is simply stunning. The lake’s bridge has been used by countless couples over the years.

Family and friends of the bride and groom love to walk the grounds for candid photographs under the bright light. The atmosphere of the venue is magical with loved ones. The venue lets guests relish the grounds to their heart’s content!

Decadent Dining Halls at Roma Hospitality Center

The staff and head of décor at Roma Hospitality Center pay great attention to the small details in the dining halls. They add fresh linens and floral arrangements that perfectly match the theme of the wedding. The venue has hosted many social events and weddings and they have great knowledge of how to make their clients satisfied with the event.

The team managed to combine different styles by adding elegance from golden cutlery and youthfulness from the neon signs. Dining here is an experience to share with friends and family. The aesthetic of the hall is graceful yet light and fun which are perfect for a lively dance at the end of a delicious dinner.

The things to look forward to

While the outstanding views of the grounds and trees are beautiful enough, Roma Hospitality Center ensures the top-most catering services, a décor team, meticulously designed tables, and an atmosphere of luxury.

With over 30 years of experience in event planning, their décor team is the best. They make every couple’s dream wedding become a reality in their large and decadent dining halls and outdoor gardens.

Couples can choose whether they prefer to host their wedding ceremonies indoors or outdoors.

The attention to detail

The venue’s staff pays close attention to the client’s desires for the grand wedding. They add intricately designed details to parts of the overall theme and décor of the event. Whether it be the family photo frames or the classy decor, the team can manage up anything.

Each of the tables was adorned identically with fresh linen tablecloths alongside a candle stand. These colors complement the bride’s dress and the theme of the wedding perfectly!

The ornate ambiance at the Roma Hospitality Center

This venue has hosted countless weddings and they manage to place their expertise into the design of every one of them. Rachel and Chris envisioned their wedding to be elegant yet playful. Overall the team executed this very well.

Light music was played in the background on the venue’s sound system. While the guests enjoy their favorite drinks alongside a great dinner with loved ones. This is truly what makes a memorable night for the attendees of a wedding and the new couple themselves.

A bridge upon a lake

A bridge stands upon a beautiful small lake on the property. Surely standing on this wooden bridge under the great oak trees and sunlight with your new partner is something out of a dream. For the most part of the day, the couple spent strolling through the fields at Roma.

Many couples enjoy making memories on this dreamy bridge with their loved ones. Making memories at special places that are unique to your wedding is what creates unforgettable memories. And the photographs taken here come out to be stunning with the natural light lightly brushing the leaves of the oak trees over the bridge.

Roma Hospitality Center’s beautiful moments