Tips on Downsizing Your COVID Wedding Guest List 

COVID Wedding Guest List

Getting married in 2020 or 2021 is being faced with a lot of restrictions as a result of COVID ’19 forcing many of us to downsize our wedding occasion. Downsizing your wedding arrangements is also a call for cutting off few guests from your wedding list as the mass gathering is something that will take a while to become a norm again. So we are here with a few tips on downsizing your COVID wedding guest list.

Start With the Most Important People in Your Life

Your guest list should start with the people that you communicate with on the daily basis and cannot consider your life without. Cut off your long-lost friends and people you have not communicated with within the last six months.  Long lost cousins and friends from decades ago should be a no-go too.

COVID Wedding Guest List

Virtual Ceremony for the Uninvited Ones

You can always make the uninvited ones feel welcomed on your wedding day by giving them the option to attend the wedding ceremony virtually. Come up with new ways as to how to make them feel a part of the wedding. You can arrange virtual photo booths, allow them to make requests to DJ for special songs, or make a toast at the time of speeches. 

Virtual Wedding

 Vulnerable or Elderly Guests

You might need to consider eliminating vulnerable or elderly guests from your list. Let’s say if your grandma is sick and she’s at the utmost risk of catching COVID you can always visit her in your wedding attire or let her see the whole wedding ceremony virtually. Parents or siblings are non-negotiable but the rest can become a part of your wedding virtually.

Overseas Guest Need to Be Re-considered

With the strict traveling guidelines and the requirement for quarantine on arrival, you might need to re-consider inviting the overseas guest to your wedding. Your close relatives and pals can always celebrate virtually or as soon as the COVID situation is controlled. This will also give them a sense of relief and lighten your guest list. 

COVID Wedding Guest List

Disappointments may follow as you won’t be able to invite everyone but you should always remember that you can get married to your other half while the pandemic is going on. You will always have the choice to make other things better to make you happier, such as food menu, dress or even photography. If you’re looking to have your wedding live-streamed, make sure to take a look at our services as we offer many live stream options.

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